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» Mission Nine - Sun Temple

Location: Tulum, Mexico
Par Time: 30 minutes

1- Capture or destroy any Soviet attempts to replicate prism technology
2 - Eradicate the Soviet base


Send the SEALs to the small Soviet-occupied village to the west. Free the imprisoned GIs as well as the two Grizzly Battle Tanks. Lieutenant Eva will contact you, saying that the liberated freedom fighters have revealed the location of the Soviet research facility for you; you can see it on the radar-screen.

A Night Hawk Transport will arrive with five engineers on board and they will disembark at the village. Load one of the SEALs and two Engineers into the transport and unload them south of the Soviet base. Get inside and kill the Soviet troops around there. Shoot the oil barrels lying around and get the two Engineers to capture a Tesla Reactor and a Mayan Pyramid. - Make sure that you avoid the war miners!!

Additional note: The Mayan Pyramids are the Soviet version of the Prism Tower so you can imagine what will happen next..

Destroy every Soviet unit and structure that can be reached, then transport another two Engineers and some more SEALs into the base. There should be another Mayan Pyramid north of the first one. Use the SEALs to protect the Engineers as they capture the Mayan Pyramid and the Tesla Reactor next to it. Next use the SEALs to lure as many Soviet units as possible to be decimated by the Mayan Pyramids. Use the SEALs again to C4 all the remaining Soviet buildings in the base. Mission accomplished!

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