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» Mission Eight - Free Gateway

Location: St Louis, Missouri
Par Time: 1 hour

1 - Destroy the Soviet Psychic Beacon
2 - Destroy all Soviet forces within St. Louis
3 - Don't get Tanya killed

Briefing: Even as we cleanse America of Soviet forces, they continue to play with their psychic technology, desperately hoping that their little toys will destroy us. We have discovered a Psychic Beacon in St. Louis. Take special agent Tanya in and destroy the beacon.

A twenty minute timer will start and you have to destroy the Psychic Beacon before the timer expires. Get Tanya and the team to get onto the highway to the west and keep following it to the southwest. When you get to near the Psychic Beacon, send Tanya to approach from the north. Tanya should blow up the oil barrels to the north (near the wall), get inside and blow up the two Tesla Reactors. The power will be shut down. Tanya should simply chuck a C4 on the Psychic Beacon. You will be rewarded with a crate, which contain some cash. Have Tanya grab the crate.

Additional note: Most of the map will be revealed now and the shrouded area in the center is the Soviet base that you have to destroy.

Reinforcements should arrive from the southeast and they will disembark. Lieutenant Eva will come online and brief you on Einstein's new invention, the Prism Tank. The good news is that you have some of them at your disposal. You will also be warned of the Soviet's Desolators infantry unit. Get Tanya and the strike team to go to your base. Set up your base immediately and four more Prism Tanks should arrive via water as additional reinforcement. Don't forget to grab the crate nearby, which will bolster your income located just below the huge arch north of your base - garrison this arch with GI's.

Build a Battle Lab ASAP to start a mass production of the Prism Tanks. When you have enough Prism Tanks, roll the tanks to the Soviet base and kill everything in sight (watch out for Terror Drones!). Build eight Harriers to help you destroy the base. When every Soviet structures and units have been destroyed, the mission is accomplished!

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