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» Mission Seven - Deep Sea

Location: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Par Time: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Objectives: 1 - Destroy all Soviet forces

Briefing: The Soviets still cover most of the globe. We must continue to fight them wherever they may be. A Soviet fleet has been discovered en route to Hawaii. Destroy this fleet and the Pacific will be ours

Start a mass production of Destroyers ASAP as Soviet fleet will commence their first naval assault in a few moments. You will receive the message that Soviet attack is imminent on the top left hand corner of the screen.

Bring all your Destroyers to the small channel east of your base and position the two Aircraft Carriers behind them as support fire. The two Aegis Cruisers should stay near your base and defend against any incoming Soviet Dreadnought's missiles. Tell the Destroyers to destroy the Submarines first then take out the Dreadnoughts and deal with the Sea Scorpions lastly. Set up a second Ore Refinery to increase cash flow. Then train lots of GIs to garrison the houses north of your base, as Soviet paratroopers (Conscripts and Tesla Troopers) will be parachuted frequently from the north. Reinforce them with some Grizzly Battle Tanks.

Additional note: You might want to transport an engineer to capture the Tech Airport to the north. You will be able to drop paratroopers to help defend your base or to be combined with the naval assault to the Soviet base later.

Leave some GIs near your Barracks because Soviet Amphibious Transports will sometimes visit the base to unload some Engineers. Replace the Pillbox and Patriot Missile System near the channel if any of them get destroyed during the Soviet's initial naval assault. Reinforce them with some GIs and Grizzly Battle Tanks. Build a Battle Lab to enable you to build Aircraft Carriers. When you have enough Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers, bring them to the northwest of the map and pulverize every Soviet properties there. Use the Aircraft Carriers to take out key structures such as Construction Yard, War Factory etc from a safe distance. The Destroyers should destroy any Soviet naval units as well as Soviet structures and defenses near the shore. When every Soviet building is destroyed, the mission is accomplished!

Additional note: If you wait too long, the Soviets will start a ten minutes nuclear missile countdown. So if you see the timer starting, you better quickly assemble your navy and assault the Soviet base to eliminate the nuclear threat.

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