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» Mission Six - Liberty

Location: Washington DC
Par Time: 50 minutes
Objectives: 1 - Destroy all Soviet forces in Washington

Briefing: The Europeans have joined forces with us; the time has come to counter-attack. We will retake Washington DC and then we will retake the rest of our nation from the Soviet scum.

Unload the amphibious transports northwest of the Pentagon and start to set up your base immediately. Build a war factory ASAP and start mass production of Grizzly Battle Tanks. Build two ore refineries and have 4 Chrono Miners harvesting to increase money flow. The Prism Towers should be enough to destroy any Soviet assaults but don't forget to repair them sometimes. Send your GIs to garrison the buildings northwest of the Pentagon to ward off any Soviet sneak attack from the north. For now, you should concentrate on building your offensive troops. Gather all those Grizzly Battle Tanks and crossed the bridge east of the Pentagon and you should find a small Soviet base here. Destroy every single units and structures here and go to the northeast.

Additional note: Provide some aerial assault with at least eight Harriers (12 is more ideal). Send an Engineer to repair the Washington Monument at the center of the map and you will be rewarded with a crate of money. Send another Engineer to repair the White House and you will also be rewarded with a crate of money.

You should find a larger Soviet base near the center of the map. Destroy everything as well but this time it will be harder as there are several Tesla Coils guarding it. Destroy the Construction Yard first, then quickly target the Tesla Coils followed by the War Factory, Barracks and the Sentry Guns.

When you've cleared the area, go to the northeast edge of the map and you should find another Soviet base. Apply the same strategy as before and the base should be destroyed in no time. Mission accomplished!

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