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» Mission Five - Dark Knight

Location: Polish/German border
Par Time: 30 minutes

1 - Infiltrate the Soviet Battle Lab
2 - Neutralize the 2 Soviet Nuclear Missile Silos
3 - Keep Tanya alive

Briefing: European forces still refuse to fight with us, fearing a Soviet nuclear counterattack. We have discovered the location of their medium-range missiles in Poland. Special agent Tanya has secretly crossed the Polish border. You will direct her to destroy the Soviet Nuclear Missiles.

Send Tanya to kill the six Conscripts near the checkpoint and tell the Spies to masquerade as the Tesla Troopers. Kill them with Tanya also. Send Tanya following the road to the northeast and go left when she reaches the intersection while killing off any Soviet troops that she encountered (beware of guard dogs). She will eventually stumble into the entrance to the Soviet compound. Kill off all the soldiers in front and circle around the compound from the left side. Tanya should find a farm with cows. Shoot the oil barrels to free the cows.

Return to the base entrance and shoot the oil barrels next to the Tesla Coil on the right. Go inside and kill all Soviet Conscripts there. Send the Spy into the Soviet Battle Lab and the location of the two nuclear missile silos will be revealed on the map. Send the cows to scout the area (the dumb Soviets just let the cow in without any suspicion at all, who would have thought that cows can scout the map for the Allies?)

Send another Spy to one of the Tesla Reactors and the power will be shut down for one minute. Send Tanya to shoot the barrels to the north to take out the Tesla Coils and don't forget to destroy the Tesla Coil on the right side of the base also.

Shoot the barrels on the right side of the base, go through the hole and up the cliff. Go to the southwest and you will find two Engineers and some GIs near a downed plane. Use the two Engineers to capture a Soviet War Factory and a Tesla Reactor. Build Rhino Heavy Tanks until you run out of money and leave them there for now.

Additional note: If you keep heading west (along the river) from the base northern entrance, you will eventually find two crates. The left one will upgrade unit's armor while the right one will heal your unit to maximum health.

Tanya should go back and follow the road, kill off any Soviet troops until you get to the entrance of the missile silos compound. Backtrack a little to the bridge and head to the west. Shoot the barrels near the compound's wall and gain entry inside. Shoot the barrels near the first Missile Silo as well as those near the Tesla Coils to the north. Simply walk up to the Missile Silo, chuck a C4 charge there and blow it to smithereens. One more to go!!! Tell the Rhino Heavy Tanks to head west from Tanya's position and blow the wall on the other missile silo compound. Blast your way in and destroy the three Tesla Coils guarding the missile silo. Simply let Tanya walk in there and C4 the silo. Mission accomplished!

Additional note: You can free a group of GIs and a Grizzly Battle Tank to the west by blowing up some barrels and you can group them up with the Rhino Heavy Tanks when commencing the final assault.

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