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» Mission Three - Hail to the Chief

Location: Washington DC
Par Time: 30 minutes
Objectives: 1 - Destroy the Psychic Beacon

Briefing: The Soviets have invaded Washington DC and have used their evil psychic technology to mind control our leaders. You must rescue them by destroying the Psychic Beacon near the White House.

Use an engineer to repair the Jefferson Memorial and you will be rewarded with two crates. The left one will promote the unit by one stripe and the right one contains money.

Set up your base as usual and garrison twenty GIs in the building to the right (near the bridge) with the number of ten GIs in each building. Soviet troops consisted of Conscripts and Tesla Troopers will come to attack backed up by civilians and technicians that have been mind controlled. The garrisoned GIs should be able to keep them at bay. When you have build an Air Force Command Headquarters, the map will be revealed, showing several key structures that have been damaged. Build a second Chrono Miner to increase money flow and then lots of Grizzly Battle Tanks. At some point here, you will receive reinforcement to the southeast consisted of four rocket IFVs near the Smithsonian Castle. Tell them to kill the two Tesla Troopers guarding it and grab the crate nearby. You will be rewarded with some cash. Tell them to destroy the Soviet-garrisoned building nearby but not to engage the Conscripts when they evacuate prior to the destruction of the building.

Another reinforcement to the northwest (near the Lincoln Memorial) will also arrive - which is consists of two Grizzly Battle Tanks, two rocket IFVs and one repair IFV. When you think you have produced enough tanks, send them to cross the bridge and destroy the small Soviet base near the soccer field to the left. Don't forget to build Harriers as well and combine them with your ground assault.

Proceed to the Washington Monument and destroy the Soviet base there. Then go to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and secure the it.

Send engineers to repair all the key structures and you will be rewarded with two crates for each structure that you repaired, adding to a total of eight crates. The four crates at the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial will bolster your cash. The left crate at the Smithsonian Castle will give you cash, the right one will increase a unit's speed.

The left crate at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum will give you some money while the right one will increase a unit's armor.

Proceed by rolling your tanks to the northeast of the map. Blow up the Psychic Beacon here. Mission accomplished.

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