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» Mission One - Lone Guardian

Location: New York
Par Time: 10 minutes
Objectives: 1. Destroy all Soviet resistance

Briefing: The Soviets have invaded. They outnumber us ten to one. You must assist special agent Tanya in New York. We are marshaling our forces as fast as we can, Commander, but we need time. A small American base, Fort Bradley, is in the New York area. If you can make contact, they may be able to assist in the defense of New York. Tanya will be moving through a chaotic battlefield. Keep your eye out for targets of opportunity and watch for new mission objectives.

Get Tanya to blow up the dreadnoughts first (she can swim). Then move her up to the statue of Liberty - she will help your troops kill the Soviet paratroopers - wait there until the statue is destroyed by the V3s. Then undeploy your GI's; gather your men and head north west. You will come upon a few GIs engaged in a fight with Soviet Conscripts.

Note: When you hear the siren it means conscript paratroopers are approaching.

Head to the Conscripts drop point. Kill all the Conscripts using Tanya, then move towards Fort Bradley. Enter the base and it will come under your control. Build 5 dogs, 1 engineer and 15 GIs. Gather your force and move towards the bridge.

Get your engineer to repair the bridge (select him and put his cursor over the bridge hut). Now move across the bridge. Use Tanya to kill any infantry in vicinity and split your GI's into groups; use them to take out the V3's.

There is an entrance unguarded at the Western side of the base; take Tanya through it. From here Tanya can basically destroy the whole base - by killing the infantry within and by detonating the buildings. - Use your GI's to take out any remaining structures (remember to deploy the GI's as this will make a massive increase to their effectiveness).

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