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» Tanyas Training Ground

Tanya's Training Ground Map Size: Medium
Map Terrain: Temperate
Recommended Side: Allies
Players: 2-4
Author: Paul
General Overview
Tanya's Training Grounds is an exceptionally fun map to play a 2on2 with a group of friends. However it is also an important map in the quick match cycle. The key to success on this map, is controlling the oil derricks which are strewn around it and subsequently creating choke points to control the ore and destroy enemy miners which stray to close to your troops. The physical details of the map are fairly simple, there is a two-tier central mound which then lowers and then there is an outer ridge.

Tech Buildings
There are a total of 16 oil derricks on this map. Two just behind each starting position on the outer ridge, two located in the middle of the maps outer straits between the top left and bottom left and the top right and bottom right positions. There is also 1 derrick for capture near each position on the first tier of the central mound. Finally there is an Airforce Command Centre on the highest point of the mound.

Team Selection

Iraq: Guess what, Saddams boys are the best soviet choice for this map once again for the umpteenth time
Libya: Possible to use as there are several routes into each base where an early demo truck could cause havoc, but against a semi-skilled player then don't bother with Libya
Russia: If you, for some strange reason like the Tesla tank then by all means use Russia, but you'll miss the desolator late game against mirage and prism tanks
Cuba: Avoid at all costs, these guys are like Libya yet even more cumbersome.
America: You can never go far wrong with America and a clever paradrop or two can secure you a pinch point or destroy your opponents derricks.
Korea: Useful for taking out oil derricks (you will need 5 black eagles per derrick, unless you have some that are veteran/elite)
France: Are surprisingly useful on this map as you can create a 'grand cannon linking chain' to your opponents base. This is achieved by power plant cannon pp cannon etc. until the cannons are in range of the enemy base, be warned though, as this tactic is highly frowned upon by most players.
Britain: Not really much use for the Brits here as infantry activity is usually limited to dog scouting and engineers for derrick capture early on in the game, however they are somewhat useful in IFV's against Iraqi desolators
Germany: The Germans are not useful on this map, unless you plan to guard a hill with a few Tank Destroyers, but as usual their use is limited.

Along with the copious number of oil derricks for capture there is a fair amount of ore on this map. An average patch at your start position and some more ore on the first tier of the mound along with some highly prized gems.

If you're playing a 2on2 then build 3 dogs, otherwise build 2 and send them to your opponents location and also to guard central oil derricks on the mound. If you see an enemy engineer then dispatch one of your canine faithfuls immediately, as a wasted $500 in the first minute of a game is a big dent to their victory aspirations



Build your normal first power plant and barracks near to the central mound and immediately begin scouting and derrick capturing. Place your refinery as close to the initial ore deposit as possible and then build your war factory. Place your war fac near to the rear derricks and build a miner from it while also building a second refinery. Place your second refinery close to the entrance to the mound and sell your original one, build 1/2 ifv's and then constant grizzly battle tanks. Build another refinery and sell it, then build another power plant and then an Airforce Command Centre. Power again, then build a battle lab, more power then an ore purifier and spy sat if you need one. Once you have teched up then you should produce a a combination of mirage and prism tanks in a ratio of 5 mirage to 2 prism. Once you feel you have the advantage attack your opponents derricks and miners first then his army then base.
Build power, barracks, refinery close to your ore patch. Send 3 dogs scouting for enemy engineers before you build your own to capture the derricks. Build a war fac and one miner out of it, then a flak trak if playing an allied opponent, if not don't bother and go straight for rhino's. While you're doing this you should be building 3 more ore refineries and selling them each time. Build a second war factory and then a radar (and obviously power as you require it). If you think you have the tanks to beat your opponent then rush now, if not build your battle lab, then get an Iron Curtain and produce an army of terror drones. Use the Iron curtain on the drones and combine them with the rhino tanks and you should become unstoppable. Mix in half a dozen desolators (if playing an allied opponent) as they don't affect terror drones whether they're invulnerable or not and they don't do much against rhino's compared to mirage and prisms
Some of you will be playing this map in Yuri's Revenge however, so here is a build order that you should use when playing as Yuri.

Build power, barracks, slave miner, immediately take control of your slave miner and order it to mine the central gems as your opponent won't expect this and won't really have the capacity to stop you early in the game. Produce a war factory and 1 slave miner from it and 2 more from your structures tab. Produce 3 gattling tanks, 1/2 chaos drones and then many lasher tanks. Build power as required and then build a Psychic radar and produce 3 magnetrons. Build your tech lab and build a Psychic Dominator if you like, but definitely build 3 masterminds and 1/2 Flying disks and then some more lasher tanks, mix in 1/2 virus snipers and half a dozen brutes and VOILA! A perfect Yuri rush, serve after 5minutes warming at gas mark 5 and accompany with a selection of white wine and good cheeses.... *ahem.
I hope this improves your Tanya's Training Ground skills!

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