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» Snow Valley

Snow Valley Map Size: Large
Map Terrain: Snow
Recommended Side: Allies
Players: 2
Author: Cabal
Map Summary
Snow Valley is a huge map that boasts many different possibilities. All starting positions are similar to all the others respectively, making it a fair game. You start near a fairly big gem patch and a fairly large amount of ore. There are more than one entrance into each players starting position so you will have to spread your defenses, but more importantly scout around your base at the beginning of the game because an attack can come from almost anywhere. As the maps name implies there is a valley and this is covered in ore which is difficult to get too, but if you could set up a refining base near here you almost guarantee a win because the ore near the starting locations is not a lot, and wont keep you going for too long. The many terrain advantages are seen such as cliffs which over-look the valley, which can be used to put long range artillery on to harass your enemies units. Good units for this would be prism tanks and even standard grizzly or rhino tanks. I do not think there are any choke points on this map but if you can secure the ore in the valley over your opponent he will have a hard time trying to win. There are no tech buildings on this map so you can't use these to gain an advantage. There aren't even any garrisonable structures, so to sum this map up I would have to say it is a pretty basic map with no real challenge apart from seeing who can out produce their opponent. On this map through experience I would have to say that having a super weapon is vital in long game situations. Preferably the Iron Curtain or Chronosphere as they are cheaper and can be used more frequently, but if you can get a Nuke Silo or Weather Storm, your best bet is to 'turtle' (play defensively), and wait till you can destroy your enemies base. One last thing I would say is aerial units are good on this map, particularly harriers and rocketeers as they can carry out 'sorties', (regular missions), and can return back to base before they can be fired upon.

Soviet Tactics
The soviets are not very versatile on this map. Because of the valley and the small base entrances, combined with the lack of long-range firepower, they are somewhat at a disadvantage to an enemy allied team. Playing against a soviet enemy should be a standard battle with no real drawbacks. The engineer 'rush', is actually an over looked tactic on this map. Most players wont think of walking an engineer to the enemies base early on because of its size but this is actually one of the best things to do as the other player probably won't expect it, and because every base has a 'back' entrance into it, you can surprise your opponent by perhaps getting his war factory or refinery early on. The soviets power to 'rhino rush', on this map is downed because of the sheer size of the map itself. For example you have got three rhino tanks, and on a smaller map such as little big lake, you can reach the enemy quickly and engage in combat before he gets to build any more units or defense. Through testing playing equally skilled players, I have found that by the time your own tanks will reach your opponents base, they can have another tank built to counter you and almost another one built. So basically I wouldn't recommend it unless you are very confident you can win and have scouted properly. If playing other soviets, using terror drones to save money and destroy there own economy and tanks is better in the short term. You absolutely must secure the ore in the valley or at another one of the other optional starting locations if you are going to have a stable economy, and this is very true in playing the allies because of their chrono miners. Going aerial as always will make them pump out ifv's and/or rocketeers when playing allies and this is good as, they will 'lay off' of the mirage and prism tanks for a while. Though the time it will take a Kirov to travel across this huge map doesn't make it worth your while to build an attacking force of them. As for super weapons, they are useful IF you can get the cash to afford them. Doing so would probably dent your economy if your not getting much cash to your refineries, so the best tactic then would be to 'turtle', and wait for the timer on the nuke silo or iron curtain to run down.

Allied Tactics
The allies are the best choice on this map by a long shot. Their long-range units and ability in the skies makes them a far better choice than any soviet team. The game should be played out almost exactly like you were the soviets, with the way in which you should set up your economy and what units you should produce. In the beginning you should make sure you have at least four chrono miners, and start by building a healthy number of standard grizzly tanks with some ifv's for AA if fighting allied opposition (rocketeers). By the time you have got a decent sized number of tanks, there will probably not be much ore in your starting position left. Now it is time to move your mcv, or build another one in the ore covered valley and start harvesting there. At this time it is time to start 'teching up'. Build an air force command headquarters, then a battle lab. Make sure you build enough power for these two extra buildings before hand. Now is also a good time to get a force of say ten rocketeers to annoy your opponent with. Mirage tanks and prism tanks need to be built now, and as a result you should consider getting a couple more miners to compensate the larger costs. Getting a harrier or two is useful for a few hit and run strikes on the enemy. The key is to keep building where there is ore, so you keep a constant cash flow. Prisms and mirage are good defense if placed at the 'entrances' to your base. They are also good at other key points on the cliff, as they will gain a significant range bonus. When you have enough mirage tanks and prism tanks, you should attack the enemy, also bringing in any rocketeers you may have left and grizzlies and ifv's. Use the prism's first to hit the enemy from long range, and to then make them 'fall back', behind your mirage tanks etc, giving you a chance for a few easy kills before the real battle begins. Now for the allied super weapons.. The chronosphere is always useful and on this map and is particularly useful for weakening enemy numbers by transporting them to your own units, or to hit key locations in the enemy base with a few prism tanks, whilst defending your own. The weather control is obviously a killer machine if you can afford it. If you do keep moving ore locations and mining everywhere you should be able to afford a weather machine, but make sure you build a lot of extra power for this huge device.


Libya: (Don't Recommend)
Libya is at a disadvantage on this map because of the size of it. As well as the fact Libyan demo trucks give a warning to everyone when they are built, they are also very slow and extremely fragile, so the chances of them actually making it all the way across the map without getting blown up is next to nothing, unless your opponent is a complete newbie, or asleep.

Iraq: (Best Soviet Choice)
The Iraqi desolator is the best single soviet unit for taking out mirage tanks, and the other more fragile yet annoying allied tanks. On a map such as this one where a tank battle is almost inevitable, a few of these can seriously turn the tide of battle.

Cuba: (Don't Recommend)
Again, the same thing goes as with the Libyan team. They will take far to long to travel across the map, allowing your opponent ample time to kill them off. Even placing the terrorists inside flak tracks makes them prone to terror drones and other units such as black eagles and other tank units. A complete waste of time in my opinion for this map.

Russia: (Recommend)
Russia is the second best choice for this map. The ability too add extra firepower into your forces proves vital, especially when playing allied teams. You should be able to build a nice army of these units, but don't rely solely on them. Always keep them with rhino tanks, and AA, preferably flak tracks.

Korea: (Recommended)
Like I said in the allied tactics section, going aerial is a very good idea to do. Using harriers and rocketeers is deadly enough, but throwing in some black eagles can turn the tide of the game instantly, and this is especially true early on. Do not produce these units and these units only IF your economy is being strained earlier on.

France: (Defensively) The french grand cannons provide excellent defensive power when used to shell the enemy forces in the valley below. Though you can't really use them offensively, they can save your base from destruction early on from 'tank rushes'. I wouldn't recommend them as they take up a lot of power and money where as the more versatile america (paratroopers) are free and don't require power and build time.

USA: (Best Allied Choice)
Great for covering your base entrances and providing excellent defense to your base, makes this team the best allied choice as you can get 'free' defense whilst building up your own tank forces. Also useful for sneak attacks on the enemy base, and more useful still, to provide cover to the frail allied tank units. Do not build the airforce command headquarters until you have got enough ground defense first.

Great Britain: (Recommended)
The sniper has many great locations on this map, especially in an ifv, to kill off enemy infantry units with relative ease and safety. Most obvious positions are on any cliffs, and guarding your own base. Remember to take a few in to kill fodder when going into a big tank battle. Also keep these units protected from rocketeers/harriers and soviet terror drones.

Germany: (Warning)
The sluggish tank destroyer is very clumsy but hard hitting. Against other allied teams they will most likely hit these with rocketeers/harriers and run. Also as usual on this map they are prone to terror drones, so keep them covered from these mechanical devices and give them AA units too. Also with no turret makes them prone to 'drive by' tactics. Not very good on this map as they are only effective in large numbers, and you'll need plenty of AA and anti infantry units to protect them and you simply wont have the money on this map.

Sample Build Orders

Soviets: power plant barracks refinery war factory refinery (sell) refinery (sell) refinery (sell) radar refinery refinery (in new location) war factory battle lab

Allies: power plant barracks refinery war factory refinery (sell) refinery (sell) refinery (sell) air force command (refinery in new location) war factory battle lab
Thank you for reading my map tactic on Snow Valley.

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