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» Official Tournament Map B

Official Tournament Map B Map Size: Medium
Map Terrain: Temperate
Recommended Side: Soviets
Players: 2
Author: Cabal
Map Summary
This map is one of 'equal opportunity'. The map has been designed specifically so that whatever position you start in you have every advantage and disadvantage as your opponent, regardless of what team you are. This map has a lot of resources available to you, so you can get a massive army up very quickly. Both sides of the map have a huge gem patch with a garrisonable hut in the middle, and a big ore field. On this map there are a few key points into winning more easily. The key points on this map are as follows:
  • The immediate oil derricks (not the ones across the broken bridges)
  • The three land access routes
  • The later oil derricks (the ones across the broken bridges)
There are ways in which you can improve your chance of taking control of this map and taking control of the derricks before your opponent does. One of these ways is too expand near the gem field that is located closest to you, to gain cash very quickly. If you do not follow this basic map tactic then your opponent may have a much better chance of winning if they process gems while you process normal ore.

The second and most important factor of this map is the oil derricks that will and usually do make the difference between victory and defeat. You must take control of these accordingly to deny your opposition valuable resources that could be used to defeat you. Now at the start of the game there is a better chance of gaining hold of at least one of the oil derricks relating to your starting position. Now from whichever position you start in it is advisable to build up to the gem patch first to gain a better economy faster and also by doing this you will reduce the amount of time it will take an engineer to get to the nearest oil derrick. From starting at the top position after building down you should always attempt to gain control of the derrick which is on the middle right side of the map, and from starting at the bottom position you should always attempt to gain control of the derrick which is on the middle left side of the map. Saying this you should try to gain control of both 'immediate' oil derricks, but go for the closest one first to enhance your chances of gaining at least one. Your best bet is too send one dog to each derrick ASAP to fight off other scouts and after which then send engineers to gain control of them. Remember to place a sentry gun/pillbox next to the oil derrick for the time being to kill any enemy engineers.

Because of the huge resources on this map it is very possible to keep churning out tanks constantly. Other advantages because of the large economy mean you will be easily able to get a naval base and naval units built up if you need too. Because this map has no cliffs or ridges there are not many advantages that you can use in terms of the landscape. The only real land sections of the map you can use are the three sections in the middle where your units are forced though in a reasonable small space, although fairly big enough to take six tanks at a time. Instead of leaving your own tanks idle a base you should 'garrison' these positions so it is difficult for your enemy to advance to your position. When you have 'garrisoned' these positions with your tanks, this is an ideal time to get aerial units, i.e. harriers/ rocketeers and even kirovs. If you can do this it is also probably the best time also to get a few dreadnoughts/aircraft carriers to harass your opponent forcing him to building naval units and AA defenses allowing you to build a bigger land assault against your enemies base.

As stated above gaining control of the derricks is almost vital to winning on this map. Once you have secured these first initial derricks you can acquire a further two oil derricks. These ones are located across the broken bridges so you will need two engineers to each section, (one to repair the bridge and one to capture the oil derrick. Through personal experience of playing this map I have also devised a devious strategy that will catch your enemy off guard. After acquiring one of the derricks across either of the broken bridges you could build your radar and battle lab at this position, and also your naval yard in the surrounding water. Because your opponent will most likely not have a naval yard by this time and won't have scouted here by land, as the bridge was broken, you can have a nice surprise ready for him in the form of a naval assault. Build just one dreadnought ASAP, as it should be all you will need. Because you are placing your radar and battle lab across here the enemy will think you are not 'teching up', so probably will not be ready for a naval attack.

You can constantly produce tanks on this map whilst getting four miners at the same time by building and selling refineries. Four miners are all you should need. Also when you do have a nice amount of cash getting at least one more war factory is normally a must against higher ranked opponents so you can produce tanks a lot faster, and further war factories will help produce tanks faster. Another good tactic on this map, especially as the soviets is the engineer rush as the other player will probably be more concerned with getting tanks and economy up and probably wont worry too much about their base. With all the cash you gain on this map very quickly and considering other players do use the engineer rush on this map frequently it is idiotic not to spend a mere $400 on walls for your construction yard which will save your life from an early engineer attack. With this attack then easily countered with your tanks you would have gained on your enemy in the fact you should have more units than him, and would have wasted his own resources on a failed tactic.

Another way too secure at least two of the oil derricks is too send a couple of dogs to the closest 'immediate' oil derrick to secure it then a further three engineers so you can take control of the one across the broken bridge also. By doing this you have a better chance of gaining control of at least two of the derricks so even if your opponent does the same you will be even in this respect. Doing this though does allow your enemy a better chance to secure the other side, which means you will need to be more aware of naval attacks and so fourth. Even if going for the two oil derricks closest too you, it is a good idea to send a couple of dogs to the other 'immediate' oil derrick to attempt to deny the enemy from capturing it, and later you might consider also capturing this oil derrick and the on across the broken bridge also to gain a better economy over your opponent. If playing against the Allies then remember to have at least one flak cannon/patriot missile guarding your oil derricks, as they will most likely use rocketeers to destroy them or take down ground defenses such as pillbox's/sentry gun's, in order to capture it. With your own units hopefully 'garrisoning' the three land access routes you can use these units also to protect your oil derricks from a land attack which your defense structures wont be able to handle.

Games on this map rarely come down to this, but there are also a further two small islands located in the top right corner and the bottom left corner with a fairly large amount of ore on, which if you are desperate for cash and you shouldn't be if you have some oil derricks, you can send your miners across on amphibious transport to acquire this ore, or better still spend $3000 on a new mcv and start a refining base on the island closest to you so you will, (providing your enemy hasn't done the same), you will eventually out produce your opponent. Failing this you can still use your miners as cover for your tanks, especially when playing as the soviets as war miners are armed and can help eliminate decoy dogs and men. Also if it looks like an even battle in the terms you both have similar amounts of units, and at the same time you own a larger number of oil derricks than your opponent, then the best thing to do is to just wait until you do out build him in terms of tanks, and attack when you are confident you have a larger army, so your chances of winning are much greater.

I would recommend both Allied and Soviet teams on this map but would have to favour this as a Soviet map because the ore fields are relatively close to your own base meaning the chrono miners ability to chrono back reducing mining time by half to that of the soviets is not as useful. This is because bearing in mind war miners have double the capacity to that of the chrono miner, meaning a Soviet player will gain a bigger economy in less time.

Allied Tactics
The Allies are at an early disadvantage on this map, as they will take longer to gain a stable enough economy to produce tanks constantly. Early on it is more of a need to gain as many oil derricks as soon as you can so you will be able to build a big enough defense team to stop an early attack, especially from a Soviet player. After you start to gain enough money to constantly produce, your best bet is to produce a large number of grizzly tanks as your first goal to both defend and attack with. After you have done this the 'teching up', to mirage and prism tanks will help to defeat your enemy. Getting a naval base and establishing air superiority will help you to win especially against soviets, and having more AA, is Useful against other allied teams on this map as other allied players may want to go for an early rocketeer attack of aircraft carrier attack. With the advanced mirage and prism tanks you will have an advantage over the soviet teams when 'garrisoning' the three land access points, as you can have both prisms to weaken enemies from long range whilst your well placed mirage's can pick off a majority of the enemy forces being forced through the smaller access route. Another thing, because you will be using mirage's any decoy units such as dog's wont last very long if they are sent first, and if they send the tanks in first then the decoy units, their own tanks wont last very long. Back your mirages up with grizzlies and ifv's which should include some repair ifv's, rocket ifv's and tanya ifv's to kill enemy dogs/GI's/conscripts, but more importantly soviet desolators, which can tear though enormous amounts of mirage/prism tanks and ifv's. This strategy also works against other allied players but you may want to increase the number of rocket ifv's, and prism tanks. Also I would recommend a mix of GI's and dogs at these garrison points to add extra cover for your own tanks. Also with all the cash you are bringing in why not but one of the super weapons? The chronosphere could be used to transport prism tanks to knock out vital structures in your enemies' base, or every seven minutes you could dump a pack of enemy tanks into the water or ships on the land. With the weather control device you force your opponent to attack, and if he doesn't you can wreak havoc in his base.

Soviet Tactics
Because this is a small map in size, the Soviets therefore have the early advantage especially when playing against an Allied team. Despite the economical advantage you should always try to go for as many oil derricks as you can to get an even better economical advantage over your opponent. If playing another soviet team then it will generally become a tank building contest so try to include some terror drones as defense against enemy rhinos. Getting a naval yard with a dreadnought and/or a Kirov is also helpful as it will force your enemy to get AA defense allowing to more time to build up the basic rhino tanks and apocalypse to overrun your enemy. Try to garrison the three land access routes with rhinos, apocalypses and terror drones with a mix of dogs/conscripts for an effective defense against both allied and soviet teams. If playing an allied team make sure you have a few flak tracks/troopers because they are more likely to get large numbers of rocketeers and harriers. Fortunately your apocalypse tanks can serve as AA defense also. V3's are useful in taking out enemy oil derricks but not a lot else on this map. Another useful tactic on this map as stated above is the engineer rush in a flak track. Also if mcv re-deploy has been turned on then send a terror drone in the flak track also so if they un-deploy their mcv you can 'drone it' preventing it's deployment almost certainly guaranteeing you the win. If playing soviets it is a very good idea to attempt to send terror drones in your opponent's war miners so they will either be destroyed, or delayed as your opponent hurriedly gets a service depot built to repair his miners. Either that or he will cut his own losses and destroy the miner(s)himself. Whichever the opponent chooses it buys you valuable time to over run your enemy with more tanks. You would want to do this terror drone tactic early on and as he would most likely be mining the gems he may have garrisoned the hut meaning your drones will be easily destroyed, even with only one conscript garrisoning it. So I recommend you put two terror drones in a flak track with a conscript/dog for distraction so your drones may infiltrate your enemies miners. With all the money you are earning, why not spare $2500 or even $5000 for one of the super weapons? The nuclear silo will force your opponent to attack, and if he doesn't just chuck it on his base for mass destruction. The better one though is the iron curtain as it costs less and every five minutes you can weaken your opponent's forces before you finish him off.


Libya: (Dont recommend)
Although being a small map therefore a 'demo truck rush' could be effective, it is not the case. You could take the gamble of getting your radar up quickly and a demo truck with only two war miners on the field bringing in a low economy. But if you fail you're opponent could and should by now have gotten three or four tanks easily crushing you. I would recommend that Libya is best for prolonged games.

Iraq: (Best Soviet Choice)
As usual Iraq is the best soviet team there is. Although not very many landscape tactical advantages, it is best to be Iraq when facing allied teams because getting 'teched up' on this map is very easy whilst producing basic tank units, therefore the desolator as usual could mean the difference between victory and defeat when you have to fight the dreaded mirage and prism tanks.

Cuba: (Recommend)
Although it is not best for a rush with the Cuban terrorists, later on they can prove useful especially if combined with flak tracks and the iron curtain. They could also be used to tip the scales in your favour by removing oil derricks. The terrorists don't have many other uses than this on this map, but can be used effectively in the hands of a skilled soviet player.

Russia: (Recommend)
Russia is a well-rounded soviet team that has the good old tesla tank. Excellent for frying enemy infantry and tanks, it makes Russia the second best choice next to Iraq. I would recommend that 'newbies', use Russia instead of Iraq because of the skill needed to use desolators.

Korea: (Recommended)
This map is mainly about land advantage so what better way to break up a few ground units than to decimate them with some black eagles, and make them pump AA. Korea is an excellent choice for this map but probably won't be as useful in prolonged battles making them only the second best allied choice for this map.

France: (Recommend)
Again, because of the huge land battles that could take place on this map a few well-placed grand cannons can tear apart incoming tank columns whilst your own units can sit in comfort until they are needed to engage the remaining damaged enemy units. Placing these next to the oil derricks gives you a nice field of harassment weakening enemy units and forcing them through one of the three access points which you should have 'garrisoned', therefore it will be easier to destroy the enemy forces.

USA: (Best Allied Choice)
The para drops are very useful for sneak attacks on enemy positions, but more importantly they can be used to fortify key points on the map, i.e. the land access routes. Considering you get $1600 worth of free GI's every 3-4 minutes it is a very good idea to choice this team if playing as the allies.

Great Britain: (Recommend)
I do recommend this team because of one reason only. If major land battles are to ensue, you can be sure they mix plenty of dogs in as cover. Now you could use these snipers in ifv's to kill the decoys allowing your tanks to concentrate on eliminating the enemy armour division. What is better is snipers always target biological units and not enemy armour, unless you force them too do so.

Germany: (Recommend)
Now if a big land battle is going to take place a dozen or so tank destroyers can be very deadly and especially if vs a soviet player you should come out on top every time if the tank forces are the same in number. Just mix with mirage and prism at the least because they have a slow rate of fire and are prone to terror drones.

Sample Build Orders

Soviets: power plant barracks refinery war factory (1 miner) refinery (sell) refinery (sell) war factory power pant radar naval yard battle lab

Allies: power plant barracks refinery war factory (1 miner) refinery (sell) refinery (sell) air force command battle lab

Thank you for reading my map tactic on Official Tournament Map B. I hope this helps you improve your skills on this map.

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