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Dustbowl Map Size: Map Small
Map Terrain: Desert
Recommended Side: Either
Players: 2
Author: erikmcfar
General Overview
An isolated valley-desert community that doesn't take kindly to strangers. Cliffs surround the map with many houses and inhabitants that will attack any intruders into their property. There is a river that runs from the top left to the bottom right of the map.

Tech Buildings
There are four tech buildings on each map. Four Oil derricks two at each end of the river.

Team Selection
This map is nicely balanced and there is not one side that has a huge advantage over the other.


As usual I'd only suggest using america or Korea, america is especially useful because there are cliff surrounding the enemy base area and to put para's there and take out a crucial building or harass units.
Like always Iraq is the best selection if you have soviet loyalties. Otherwise, only Cuba is effective with an early terrorist/flack track rush, however there are many buildings that scatter the map can stop it short.
There is an ore patch directly near you base and there is another one on you side of the river, other than that there is no other ore or gems on the map.


Start by building power plant, barracks, and refinery. After building a barracks build a few dogs and send them to secure two of the oil derricks in either corner of the map or both if you can. Capture them and secure them with pillboxes. Build a few GI's and garrison some of the buildings near your base to help remove pesky scouts and locals. Try to capture buildings near enemy base, ore fields, or tech buildings to keep pressure on them. Then tech up and build a health mix of prims, mirages, rocketeers and attack. Start with economy if necessary and then go for this army and then base.
Start by building tesla reactor, barracks, and refinery. After building a barracks build a few dogs and send them to secure the oil derricks on the map. Secure them with sentry towers. Build a war factory and start pumping out tanks when you get 3 go harass the enemy miners, build a terror drone or two and harass enemy tanks. Once you have five to six more tanks attack his base and you should be able to cripple him if not totally defeat him.
I hope this improves your game on Dustbowl.

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