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» Little Big Lake

Little Big Lake Map Size: Small
Map Terrain: Temperate
Recommended Side: Soviets
Players: 2
Author: Cabal
Map Summary
Little Big Lake is an unusual but popular map to play on as it gives for a good game that can involve many different strategies, which are available to either side. Most games on this map go on for about 5-8 minutes. This map is seen as unfair by many players and this is quite true in the short term. The bottom position is the position that holds the short term advantage because it has a gem patch that is significantly closer to the base than the gem patch near the top position which is located further away. This therefore does give the bottom player a better chance in the short term, so you can mass and rush a few tanks before the enemy can get much in the way of a decent defense. Saying this about the advantages at the bottom of the map, you have to realize that the top position too does have important advantages. One of these is the smaller choke point near the cliff which is relatively easy to defend, and this is next to an ore field so it will provide protection for your miners also if you choose to mine there in the future which you should. Little Big Lake seems to be a primarily Soviet map. One good reason for this is that it is a small map so there is not much time to defend yourself from a quick assault, and the Soviets excel at this making them the best choice for this map. The Allies can and do hold several advantages over their enemy if the game goes on for a while and an Allied team is allowed to tech up. Another major factor about this map is the lake itself. Most players forget about this but this can be fairly costly if a player does establish naval supremacy. Instead of allowing the enemy to do this, use the lake to your advantage as a way to take out the enemies base or too frighten him into building s lot of AA and/or naval units if he has a naval yard. This therefore allows you to establish a better ground assault to destroy your enemy.

Soviet Tactics
You should always go for the 3 tank rush if you are confident you can win. You should first take out any enemy tanks then the miners, then unit-producing structures then the MCV. If at the bottom this tactic has a high success rate. However if you start at the top you should do things a little differently. This is because you are at a slight economical disadvantage, so you need to find a way to counter the enemy rush, if there is one, by spending less money. An excellent way to do this is to build terror drones because they cost $400 less than a rhino tank. Getting a miner from the war fact is a must when starting up top. Also if you are playing another Soviet team then always try to get a terror drone into the opponent's miner regardless of position. Going for a dreadnought is a good idea when it starts to become a tank building competition as it mostly catches a player off guard or makes them build tons of AA defenses, giving you more time to gather a superior tank force. I would also recommend you protect your miners from terror drones by placing sentry guns on the ore fields they are working on (only the ones close to your base anyway). V3 rockets have a nice position on the hill which can be used as a way of weakening tank columns if you remember to target the first lead tank so the actual missile will hit tank and other units advancing to the point in which the lead tank was (remember the missiles don't track units). Also from this position use them to harass miners in the nearby ore field. This may not prove very effective but once again you are forcing your enemy to build AA, which they may not want to do. Back the V3's up with your own AA as against allies you have to be more wary of rocketeers. The Kirov airship is also a very good unit on this map as the enemy wont have much respond time to deal with it and again you are forcing AA protection to your enemy giving your more land advantage. Also always remember to mix in dogs when you attack with your ground forces to provide cover. Conscripts work well for this task too at only $100 per conscript.

Allied Tactics
I do not recommend playing any Allied nation on this map with the exception of Korea. With the Allies it is more of a need to tech up because grizzlies can't beat rhinos in many situations and are practically useless at an early rush. Allies though do have advantages such as an early rocketeer attack, or an early nighthawk/engineer combo is sometimes useful. Mirage are useful on this map in 2 key locations:

  • On the hill overlooking the ore because these have increased range and from this position can both harass enemy miners and tear apart enemy tanks and other units coming through this tight position while a mix of deployed gi's dogs and grizzlies can hold off the enemy while your mirages can get the job done from their viewpoint, (also prisms are excellent on this key location for the same reasons as the mirages but have even longer range).
  • The second advantage point is located on the right side of the map where a lot of trees are located. Great spot to ambush an enemy column and to harass enemy miners.
  • Like the Soviets, going naval is a good move to make when playing both an Allied or Soviet team. Just be prepared to defend a naval attack as well from either side of the conflict. If when playing a Soviet team and they use terror drones just have an ifv/engineer to repair any infected units, so you practically waste their own resources. On this map a quick ifv engineer rush can sometimes be a good idea as many players wont expect it.


    Libya: (Dont Recommend)
    Most players have the intelligence to get either rocketeers or terror drones on a small map like this, before the demo truck can be built, so it is easily dealt with. A complete waste of money. What's more they may destroy the truck in your base.

    Iraq: (Best Soviet Choice)
    Some games may go on for a while and if against the Allies a good player will have teched up, so mirages have a deadly opponent that is tough to deal with (desolator). Best choice on this map because of the ability to deal with higher teched Allied units.

    Cuba: (Dont Recommend)
    Terrorists can be easily stopped by a single dog. If they are put inside a flak track a terror drone can just as easily deal with it. On this map a longer game will mean both players will have many units which will not allow terrorists to get into their base so they are pretty much useless. What is more you also need a radar for these pathetic units creation.

    Russia: (Recommend)
    The reason to be Russia is because you might want too add a bit of extra firepower to your attacking forces, and it helps tesla tanks excel against enemy infantry also and can deal a good amount of damage to structures and ignore any walls. Keep behind your heavier vehicles such as the rhino tanks because of their low amour.

    Korea: (Best Allied Choice)
    Getting a couple of black eagles in exchange for some tanks gives you a nice few units to destroy enemy tanks and flak tracks as they build to give you more time to add to your own ground units. They also offer another good line of defense against dreadnoughts.

    France: (Offensively)
    Ok, if playing as France move your MCV to the choke point near the cliff and get a grand cannon as soon as possible to destroy the opponents base. Best bet is too invest also in 2-3 barrack's and pump out rockies. If they pump out flak tracks that's ok they don't pose a threat to your grand cannon. Also put several pill boxs down to protect from any engineers and tanks at your key points in your base, near MCV etc. Target war factory first to stop tank/flak track production.

    USA: (Recommended)
    Use to mix in with your tanks when attacking or defending. Use to move in near miners and try to take out at least one. Use as an integral part of your base defense, or even drop near enemy base and move in and take a structure or two. Deploy also on the cliff for a well garrisoned position, backup also with rocketeer's and ifv's.

    Great Britain: (Recommended)
    The reasons should be obvious.. to take out desolators and dogs and other decoy units mixed in with enemy tanks, which could and probably will make all the difference between victory and defeat. The best sniper location is on the cliff giving him a very good range forcing enemy infantry back into their base, but again remember to give AA protection.

    Germany: (Warning)
    Avoid being Germany at all costs. Although very capable of defending an early rush (especially against a Soviet team), most players will 'drive by shoot your tank destroyers making them virtually useless. Even more an even amount of terror drones will be easily able to drone each and every tank destroyer, crushing the enemies' army.

    Sample Build Orders

    Soviets: Power plant barracks refinery war factory refinery (sell) refinery (sell) refinery (sell)

    Allies: Power plant barracks refinery war factory refinery (sell) air force command refinery (sell) battle lab
    Thank you for reading my map tactic on Little Big Lake. I hope this helps you improve your skills on this map.

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