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The following terms are all ones that you will hear frequently used online and in C&C Forums. Each term below comes with a description. If you believe we are missing any commonly used Red Alert 2 words then please contact us.

Online Terms

WOL: Westwood Online
FFG: For-Fun-Game
HF: Have Fun
GL: Good Luck
GG: Good Game
Ownage: Domination, complete control of a game.
WTF: What the jolly-cobblers?
Tourny: Tournament
FFA: Free For All
12 34: The first two players in a game setup screen list, versus the second pair.
Press F7: By pressing it at the start of a game (when asked to do so), proves you do not wash.
l v r, t v b: Left Teams Versus Right Teams, Top Versus Bottom (in terms of map positions).
Wash: Cause reconnection error on purpose resulting in a game not being recorded.
Map Hacker: Someone who uses map reveal cheat.
Pusher: Someone who has multiple nicks and plays themselves in order to gain more points.
Friendly Fire: When an ally starts firing upon an ally. Also known as backstabbing.
Nab/Neb/Noob: Somebody who players refer to as a 'newbie'.

Unit Terms

BE, Snoopy, Eagle: Black Eagle
TD, Drone: Terror Drone
TT: Tesla Trooper
Apoc: Apocalypse Tank
Demo Truck: Demolotion Truck
Deso: Desolator
Engy: Engineer
Rockie: Rocketeer
Amphib: Amphibious Transport
AC: Aircraft Carrier
MCV: Mobile Construction Vehicle
Dread: Dreadnought
Scorp: Sea Scorpion

Structure Terms

BLab: Battle Lab
Gap, Gap Gen: Gap Generator
Ref: Ore Refinery
PP: Power Plant
Depot: Repair Depot
AFC: Air Force Command
Naval: Naval Yard
Vat: Cloning Vat
War Fac, WF: War Factory
GC: Grand Cannon
CY/MCV: Construction Yard

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