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» Heck Freezes Over

Heck Freezes Over Map Size: Very Large
Map Terrain: Snow
Recommended Side: Either
Players: 2-8
Author: erikmcfar
Heck Freezes Over (HFO), is a very popular tourney map and and possibly the most popular compstomp and mulitplayer map in the game. The map is a large sprawling map with no shortage of ore. There are three levels of cliffs: the highest level is the outside ring, then the middle ring and then the middle is the lowest part of the map. All of the starting points are located on the outside ring, with the exception of one in the second tier or mountains. The best starting positions are the top left and right starting position, because they have gems and ore very near the starting point. The worst starting position has to be in the lower right side of the map, because you have to travel always to get gems which other players start with near their refineries. The map is good for people who build their economy quickly, which enables them to amass large armies. Players who build slow are a big disadvantage on this map.

Tech Buildings
There are no Tech Buildings to capture on this map.

Team Selection
Because there is a lot of ore on this map, it doesn't matter which side you pick; the game is decided by who can manage and establish the best economy.

Allies: All of the allied teams are solid on this map and the allied advantage on this map is its size and defensive points to stop the tank rush. America because of the usual reasons and also, because there are many cliffs that provide protection and increase their range and effectiveness. Korea, because it is easily to fly them around the map and avoid anti-air. Germany, because if your are playing a soviet opponent the TD is effective against the tank rush. France, because placed at choke points can create an almost impregnable defense or attack. Last, Great Britain because stationed at tops off cliffs can be very effective against infantry.

Soviets: The soviet advantage comes in that its ore miners get a superior amount of funds and especially because of gems. Usually Iraq is a good pick, but I doubt many people will use them any more due to the events in NYC and DC. I know I wouldn't have the balls to. Next, I'd go with Russia although relatively weakly armored it is still the best overall soviet unit vs armor, infantry, and structures. Libya and Cuba are in the same boat together that their unit is risky because it takes so long to get to their destination and gives your opponent a lot of time to react and defend it, so I would use with caution, probably best used in early game situations and against soviets rather than allies.

No shortage of ore and gems here. Ore litters the map with dabs of gems on the outside and a HUGE cache in the middle of the map. Each starting spot has ore and gems relatively near the starting points, but after that you need to expand your mining operation. Usually the person who wins is the person who gets the middle patch of gems. The best starting points are Top left and right and bottom left. The worst starting point is probably the bottom right due to that there are no gems near by.



Start by building a power plant, barracks, and refinery(in that order). Build three dogs and send on them in opposite directions and through the middle to the opposite side of the map. Build one pillbox near you barracks or refinery to guard against dogs and terror drones. Build AFC if America or Korea, otherwise hold off. Next build War Factory and a second refinery with another miner. Then build AFC if not already done so. Build one more refinery and then sell it or keep it if you sold your second. Start churning out tanks and build a service depot and build a second mcv or just move your original if that option is enabled and move your army to the middle and start harvesting the rich center cache of gems. Build a tech center before you move to gain access to spy sat. If you capture the center and have three-five miners going you shouldn't run out of money anytime soon. Then amass a huge army and take out your opponents economy first and then his base.


The soviet strategy starts out the same but ends very different. Again build tesla reactor, barracks, and refinery with three dogs to scout the map. Build a war factory and second refinery with another war miner, then build a flack track and three to five terror drones, put them into the flack track and move them into the center area, if you are playing against allies this should be suffering, however in against soviets if may take a few tanks add in. The take a bold step and move your mcv to the middle and set up shop there(if possible otherwise build a service depot and another mcv). There three to five war miners will give you more money than you know what to do with build a health force of rhinos, flack tracks and terror drones and attack the enemy and should have no trouble whipping them out.
Other Strategies:
Instead of building on the outside, immediately go to the center and set up shop, just be careful, because your opponent will have a big advantage in technology and you must build quickly, but your boldness will be rewarded with gems that will enable you to out produce your opponent, I would suggest only expert players use this rat and it works with both sides, a bit better with the soviets though. After you deploy your mcv in the middle focus on defense initially and then you should be able to take the fight to your opponent if you can hold off the initial attack. Follow the same blueprint as above however, you might have to move the outside instead of in as mentioned above.
Well, I hope this improves your game on Heck Freezes Over.

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