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» Urban Rush

Urban Rush Map Size: Small
Map Terrain: Temperate/Urban
Recommended Side: Either
Players: 2
Author: erikmcfar
Urban Rush is a favorite of many players, especially in the tournament ladder, because it is a small map and that victory can be secured very quickly if done correctly which leads to lots of wins and henceforth a favorite of top players. The two starting points are on either side of the map they are each connected to the main plateau in the middle by two bridges and a land access. There are many buildings that occupy the roadside in the middle plateau(they are the key to winning).

Tech Buildings
There is only one tech building which is a Tech Airport, and it is located in the middle of the plateau in the intersection of the two roads on the map. Team Selection
This map effectively negates both sides advantages. First the buildings stacked in between the two players gives the allies an easier time stopping the rush, but at the same time there are limited resources on the map which hampers the allies ability to go Hi-Tech. However, I give a slight advantage to the allies because their special units are better suited for this map.

Allies: I feel if you can successfully reach high tech and still have funds to spend then you are in a good position with the allies, because the prism tanks can tank out garrisoned buildings that could be troublesome. Also, if you miner gets in a pinch just send him home and save your economy. I particularly like America on this map, because of paratroopers into buildings. Eight g.i.'s can do a lot of damage to an attacking army, also good for attacking weak defensive points in their base. Korea is also helpful to take out stubborn buildings and enemy harvesters. Germany is decent against a soviet opponent, but isn't worth very much against allies. Great Britain a usually pick against soviet countries Iraq and Cuba are not very useful because of the buildings that protect infantry against toxic radiation. France can be extremely useful if you capture the middle tech building and put a grand cannon or two there along with anti air, because the grand cannon can reach all the access points and stop your opponent from harvesting the up for grab ore and harass any offensive attacks against you.

Soviets: Despite seemingly being out match on this map the soviets can still easily win on this map for several reasons: First, the cheapness of the conscript gives the soviets the early advantage in building capturing. Also, the V3 rocket finally see's action on this map against strong defensive points and against parked units and structures. Russia I would say is the best soviet country for this map, because it is excellent against buildings, armor, and infantry, unlike the desolator which is only good against infantry and weak armor. Iraq is still good as a defensive weapon, but its offensive capabilities are limited because the buildings don't get hurt my radiation. Cuba is good if you need to eliminate tough buildings or units, just make sure they get there or you might be sorry. Libya is best used against a soviet enemy and employed as a building removing weapon.

The ore is very limited on this map and is easily secured. I would say that one refinery and three to four miners is sufficient on this map. There is one ore patch near the players starting points and there is another ore patch near the land access to the middle plateau. Every unit counts on this map so make the best use of them, don't resort to suicide attacks unless you have the funds or are very desperate. Also, there is only ore on this map, no gems.



Deploy mcv, then build power plant, next build barracks, start construction on refinery. While building refinery build three to four dogs and two to three gis. Place refinery near ore, you should have scouted ahead with your dogs to see the ore. Send your dogs and g.i.'s into the middle use your dogs to attack enemy dogs and infantry while your g.i.'s capture key buildings. Next build Air Force Command Center and build an engineer and send him to the airport and capture it. Build a war factory and a miner followed by five tanks and a ifv if playing against allies or just five tanks if playing against soviets. Use paradrop from center airport to secure more key buildings. Also build a second refinery after the war factory and sell it when you are done. You may want to build another miner if you feel you are secure defensively. Secure buildings near the ore patches to secure funds. Then build a battle lab and spy sat. Build a healthy combination of 15-20 mirages and prisms along with the tanks and anti-air from earlier move near their base and use prisms to assault structures near the edge of the cliff. If you opponent blows the bridges just go to his land access and attack there. Use standard attack procedures and let your prisms attack out of range and have mirages and grizzlies in front to protect them. Relatively simple isn't it?
Start by building power plant, barracks, and refinery. Build four dogs and four to five conscripts. Send them to secure key buildings. Then build a war factory and then another refinery (sell second refinery). Build a miner four rhinos, an engineer and a lot of conscripts to secure the airport and key buildings. Include a flack track or two. Continue to build tanks and then build a radar, a second war factory and then sell your construction yard and start pumping out tanks and v3 if stubborn defensive positions and overrun him with superior armor and units you should have 15 to 20 rhinos with some v3's and flack tracks as fast as you can. Short and Sweet isn't it?
Well thats all the help you should need for Urban Rush!

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