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» Lake Blitzen

Lake Blitzen Map Size: Medium
Map Terrain: Snow
Recommended Side: Either
Players: 2-4
Author: erikmcfar
Lake Blitzen is a favorite of many players, because it appeals to all players. Its not too big so it keeps the rushers happy, and then at the same time there is water and limited points from which to attack to give others a chance. Lake Blitzen is a medium sized map with two lakes in the middle, separated by a wooden bridge(which can be blown up to allow passage between the two sides). There are two islands in the bottom lake and one island in the upper lake. Each island in the lake has two tech buildings on it. There are also several other tech buildings on the main land for your pleasure.

Tech Buildings
There are a total of 10 tech buildings this map: one tech airport, one repair outpost, one hospital and seven oil derricks. The repair outpost is on the northern most side of the bridge and the hospital is on the southern side of the bridge. The tech airport is on the island nearest to the bottom right corner of the map. Oil derricks can be found on either the left or right side of the map in the middle, also two are on the island in the northern most lake, two are on an island in the upper left part of the southern lake and one more can be found on the same island as the tech airport.

Team Selection
I feel that both sides have an equal advantages, so neither side has a real advantage over the other. For example this is a smaller map so the soviets have the rush advantage, but there are only three ways to attack and one of those ways can be destroyed limiting possible attack routes. Also, the allies own the air and can move troops to the islands with out spending excess money on useless naval units(i.e. transports).

Allies: The only allied team I would worry about is Great Britain, because its special weapon doesn't have many uses, so I would only use against a Iraqi opponent. Otherwise the other nations are extremely useful. America because you can secure islands in the lake with out scouting, because the transport plane drops them in the nearest available land and like usually the defensive/offensive flexibility, and they're free. Korea is good at halting a rush and running sorties against other targets. Germany is good if you are play a soviet opponent or against a known rusher. France is also good if you secure the islands near your opponents base early so you can bombard the enemy base and other units that stray into its range, with relative security and not risking any units.

Soviets: Russia and Iraq are the best choices against an allied opponent because their special unit is very good against the allies. However, if you are up against another soviet then Libya and Cuba become very effective because they rely on stealth and the soviets don't usually get adequate scouting so you can easily slip these destructive units near your enemies position and strike without warning.

The ore supply on Lake Blitzen is a moderate one and requires you to be thrifty with your spending and get the most out of your units. There are two small gem patches(top and bottom of the map). Each starting position has a moderate supply of ore, but if you need more you'll need to expand your mining operation.


I remind you again not to follow the walkthrough word for word - its design is to serve as a guide and different things work with each map. Please experiment and see what works best with you. Also, build power plants as necessary even though I don't specifically tell you to do so.

Allies: Recommend starting units: none

Deploy mcv, build power plant, build barracks, build refinery. After building barracks train four dogs and send two of them scouting and place two of them on guard mode near the choke points to your base. Also train an engineer and send him to the oil derrick nearest you. Then build an airforce command center and then war factory. Build one patriot missile defense if playing against allies. Then build one nighthawk transport(train five engineers while waiting for nighthawk) then one miner followed by 4-5 grizzly tanks. Next, build a second refinery(sell it if need be). Send nighthawk to capture tech buildings on islands and secure it with a pillbox or two. Now build you tech buildings (i.e. battle lab, spy sat, gap generator), and on this map I would highly recommend a ore purifier to help get extra funds. Now you have to see what your opponent is doing; if he is just building an army that you should do the same and don't worry too much about navy, but you might want to build a few dolphins and park them near where they might deploy a naval yard. And since you control most of the tech buildings you should have a superior economy and be able to build a larger army. When you make an attack look for their weaknesses and use a smaller force to attack it that way they usually send all the forces they have to counter your attack, thats when you unleash your main force hiding under your gap generators. If your opponent was trying to establish a navy than you should do the same. Build a health mix of dolphins, destroyers and aegises in your attack and follow battle plans I have mentioned in previous map tactics. Also don't forget about your army because after you have crushed their navy, they will have exhausted their funds on naval and will be helpless you your army.

Soviets: Recommended starting units: ten

Deploy mcv, build tesla reactor, build barracks, build refinery. After building barracks train four dogs and send two of them scouting and place two of them on guard mode near the choke points to your base. Also train an engineer and send him to the oil derrick nearest you. Next build a war factory, followed by one miner and 5 rhinos. Then build a second refinery and then a naval yard. Build a transport, and one to two subs for scouting. Fill you transport with six engineers and capture all of the islands in the lake. Then build one to two sentry guns on each island for defense and flack cannons if playing allies. Build a radar, and a second war factory and with your miners and oil derricks bringing in money you should be able to field a large army. Also build up a force of five to seven subs and two to four sea scorps to make sure the enemy doesn't try to establish a navy. When you have a force of at least 25 rhinos and five to seven flack tracks filled with tesla troopers you are ready to attack.

Note: I would not recommend building a battle lab, because rhino's will do fine and it wastes money on an already meager ore producing map.

The best way to attack is to split your force in two, especially if you have a superior force. Let your tanks distract enemy armour while your flak tracks zoom in behind their lines an unload a "shocking" surprise.

Okay, okay...I know that pun sucked, but I had to get that one in and I promise I wont do any more.

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