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» Bay of Pigs

Bay of Pigs Map Size: Large
Map Terrain: Urban
Recommended Side: Allies
Players: 2-6
Author: erikmcfar
Bay of Pigs is one of my favorite maps in Red Alert 2. It offers the ablitiy to have huge land and naval battles. Bay of Pigs is an island that has two halfs, perfectly identical to each other. There are many tech buildings for your pleasure. This map can have up to six players. The two sides of the island are connect in three places. The main way in the middle of the map that cannont be destroyed and two bridges on either side that can be destroyed. There are also many buildings for garrisoning. This is not a map for turtles, because if you turtle you give your opponent(s) the free reign over all the oil derlicks and ore on the island. Also, this map can either be played on Battle and Naval War modes.

Tech Buildings
There are a lot of oil derlicks so it may get confusing of my explanations. There are a total of 26 oil derlicks on Bay of Pigs and 2 tech airports. Each side there are thirteen oil derlicks and the two tech airports are in the middle. There are three oil derlicks at for the starting points at the ends of the islands and on all of the other starting points there are only two. There is also one oil derlick by each gem patch(4) which is near the bridges. Also there are four oil derlicks in the middle of each side on a raised area with a warehouse in the middle.

Team Selection
This map favors the allies in two ways: First, that there is the naval element which by now you should know is far superior to the soviets and that it is a larger map and many garrisonable buildings which helps stop the soviet rush. However, the soviets have cheap infantry which is good at securing buildings and the V3 rocket that is helpful in destroying garrisoned buildings.

Allies: There isn't really any allied country that is bad on this map each has its own good points on this map. But I still like America and Korea the best. America because you can attack anywhere on the map, good for garrisoning key buildings, and its free. Korea because it is helpful in destroying units, structures, and stray naval units. The Grand Cannon can be very devestating if placed on top of the cliff, it takes a HUGE assult to just get to it and if they have some units and other defenses its is alsmost impossible. Germany is good when dealing with a soviet opponent. And Britian is helpful by eleminating valuable infantry from a safe distance, best used against Iraq, America, or Cuba.

Soviets: As a soviet player you must quickly secure a big chunk of territory before your opponent is able to do so, especially if your enemy is an allied player. For the soviets they need to either quickly build up a huge army and overwhelm the person by land or try to out muscle the allies in the seas early on. If you go for the land route be sure to build a few flack cannons in your base to keep allied planes away from your base and not too close to the shore or they'll be vulnerable to naval bombardment by destroyers. If playing against another soviet player then I would recommend building a huge tank army and not worry too much about the waters, but dont go to sleep because if you totally ignore the seas then you never know what might show up on the next transport. As usual Russia and Iraq are your best picks and Cuba can be devestating when you put 12 in a transport and then move them into your opponents base and watch it explode when they forgot to mind the seas. The same with Lybia, it is better against the soviets than allies, however you opponent gets a warning each time your finish building a demo truck.

Economy: Bay of Pigs doesnt require you to be too thrifty, each starting place has two ore pits and on each island there is another small pit by near the cliff. There are four gem patches one near each entrace to a bridge, they are very substantal and are worth fighting for. If you control a good number of oil derlicks and have 3-4 miners going you shouldn't have to worry too much about money.

I don't suggest you follow this word for word, because the best players alter their strategies depending on their opponent's actions and style of play. Also, build power plants as necessary even though I dont specifally tell you to do so.


Start off by deploying your mcv (obviously) and start contruction of a power plant. If you have any infantry send them into the nearest buildings to help defend. If you have tanks send them the tops of the clif to secure your oil derlicks. Then build a barracks and 4-5 engineers(dependings where you started) capture the oil derlicks in your base and then send the remaining two to caputre two of the tech buildings that you sent your tanks to defend. If you started with no units then use dogs to secure that section and build two g.i.'s to garrison nearby buildings. After your barracks build a refinery and another barracks on the cliff, select that one as your primary and build two more engineers to capture the remaining oil derlicks. After your second barracks build an AFC and build a rocketeer and send him scouting. If you are playing an allied player then build one anti-air battery and put it in the middle of your original base to protect from a rocketeer rush. Then build your war factory and add another 1-2 miners. During this time use your tanks or rocketeers to scout and send additional engineers to oil derlicks. Next, send your original tanks or ones your build to the middle with an ifv engineer to capture one of the tech airports. Build some production structures near the airports. Also, build a naval yard and build 1-2 destroyers. Then build a battle lab and spy sat and then build 5-10 dolpins and 5 mirage tanks send your mirage tanks to help defend the middle. If you see your opponent is building a navy too build 2-3 more naval yards and start pumping out dolphins and mix in an aegis crusier if you see he has destroyers, planes, or rocketeers. Also, build 7-10 prisms and a few more mirages. If done correctly you should have captured all the available oil derlicks on your side of the island and should have a healthy economy and should be able to afford all of these. Once you have about 20-30 dolphins, and 10 prisms and mirages you are ready to attack, be sure to mix in at least 5 ifv's. First attack with your navy, split your force in two and attack with your first force and when you locate your opponents fleet send in the second wave and wipe out thier navy.

Tip: When using dolphins be sure to aim for the back of a group that way everything in your way gets damage. Also, use gap generators to hide your assult force. Then begin your land offensive, let your mirages lead with prisms close behind. Watch out for suspicous trees if playing an allied player. Then find and destroy the enemy army and march through his base like a hot knife through butter.


Start off by deploying your mcv(obviously) and start contruction of a tesla reactor. If you have any infantry send them into the nearest buildings to help defend. If you have tanks send them the tops of the clif to secure your oil derlicks. Then build a barracks and 4-5 engineers(dependings where you started) capture the oil derlicks in your base and then send the remaining two to caputre two of the tech buildings that you sent your tanks to defend. If not use dogs and then train some conscripts to garrison key buildings.

Tip: If playing an allied opponent build one flack cannon in the middle of your base, otherwise don't worry.

Now build a refinery, then build another barracks on the cliff near the four oil derlicks and train some more engineers to capture other oil derlicks in the area. After your second refinery build a war factory and build three rhino's, one miner, two more rhino's, and a flack track, also build two more engineers along with three tesla troopers. Load them into the flack track and along with your 5-7 rhino's send them to the middle and capture the two tech airports. Now build another refinery near the gems and one to two more war miners. Then build a radar and then build another war factory near the two tech airports and then build one more miner and then start cranking out rhino's. Then build a battle lab, so you can build apocalypse's. Once you have 25-30 rhinos, 5-7 apocalypses and about 5 flack tracks filled with tesla troopers make your attack. When you attack bypass enemy oil derlicks they cause more harm than good to your cause. Also, when playing the allies watch out for mysterious looking groups of trees...err mirages.

Note: Although I don't recommend the using the soviet navy I would recommend bulidings at least one sub or sea scorp to scout and see if your opponent is building a navy and if they are planning a sneak attack into your base.

I hope this improves your game on Bay of Pigs.

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