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» Oceanside

Oceanside Map Size: Large
Map Terrain: Flat/Naval
Recommended Side: Allies
Author: erikmcfar
General Overview
There are four starting points(islands) on Oceanside. with two islands in the middle connecting all four islands with bridges. On each of the middle two islands there is a tech airport, also there are four other islands, two with three oil derricks, and two with one oil derrick(a better description of the location of the oil derricks with be given in a subsequent paragraph). Every location has equal access to tech buildings and several buildings near the bridges for better defense. I would have to say that the bottom left starting position has the best defense in garrisonable buildings, but often they can give you a false sense of security and are easily picked off from a far. Oceanside can be played as Battle or Naval War, however I think this map is better played in Naval War, but what do I know.

Tech Buildings
There are a total of ten tech buildings on Oceanside(8 oil derricks, and 2 tech airports). The two tech airports are located on the middle two islands that connect the top and bottom islands(I refer to them as top and bottom, however it is more top right side with the bottom left side). The two islands with three oil derricks are located between the top left and bottom left islands and the top right and bottom right islands. The two islands with one oil derrick is located between the top right and left islands and the bottom left and right islands, so no matter where your are you have equal access to even number of tech buildings and the only variable is how quick you secure the tech buildings.

Team Selection
Again I have to give the advantage to the allies, because of the naval factor. The soviet power is negated by the ability to destroy the paths to each base. However, a good soviet play who can use their navy well has a good chance of success. Also the allies have the nighthawk transport, which is ideal for island hopping engineers to secure islands even if the player has no navy, whereas the soviet player has to rely solely on the amphibious transport to reach most of the tech buildings. Another allied advantage is to put a gap generator on secured islands and build infantry around the edge of the islands to prevent enemies from seeing and then when trying to go by attacked by the infantry.

Allies: The two teams that I would recommend for this map are America or Korea. America is good because you can send paratroopers to secure the small islands or to send them to garrison buildings near your opponent to wreak havoc. Korea is good because it harass surface ships and run sorties against the enemy base. If you want France than you should employ the Grand Cannon in a offensive role, using it to capture tech buildings near the enemy base and the shell the enemy's navy or operations, it also can provide cover for an amphibious invasion or naval attack, just be sure not to let the enemy get too close to your units or it could mean trouble. Great Britain can be used to pick off engineers from across bridges and keep the bridges blown, best used in Naval War game. Germany I would avoid using unless you only plan to use conventional land forces, otherwise their effectiveness is limited.

Soviets: I would have to say that for the soviets to be successful they MUST secure one of the tech airports. It will give an additional eight conscripts every few minutes. Also, the soviet player MUST have a good navy, unless you plan to use tank rush or just build up a huge army of tanks and then attack via bridges, however, then you run the possibility of the bridges being blown and losing a chunk of your tanks. Also, if you plan to ignore the navy you lose out of four tech buildings that are closer to your, which equals 4000 up front and a nice flow of money throughout the match. Also, if you let the allies command the seas then your army will be under constant attack from hornets(via air craft carriers) and harriers/black eagles and then two or three aegis cruisers will decimate a Kirov fleet in seconds. If your plan to use the soviets I would recommend Iraq and Russia, because each of their special weapon is designed to block infantry and the Russian Tesla Tank is also a good offensive weapon. I would avoid using Libya or Cuba for the reason that a good player will make a conscious effort to attack the demo truck/terrorist inside your base and causing trouble for you and not your opponent.

The four starting islands are the only place that there is available ore. Plus there is one gem cache per starting point. However, the initial islands provide a copious amount of ore so you probably will not run out very fast unless you have a lot of miners, and if you do run out then you will have to build a mcv and take your mining operation one of the vacant starting points(if available), otherwise you have to rely on your oil derrick returns and the what mine shafts produce, which isn't very much.

General Strategy
Your first goal on this map should be to secure the four nearest oil derricks and if possible secure as many others as you can(this prevents your opponent from getting them) and be sure to protect them. Next you should begin to build a navy and then capture one of the two tech airports(try to destroy the other one so your opponent cant take advantage of paratroopers). Then go into high navy production mode, I usually use two to three naval yards. Also, build a balanced army just incase anything gets past your navy. After a while you should a a huge navy, then make your attack try to destroy their navy first, then go for the naval yards second(if your an allied player use dolphins to attack both naval yards and their navy and the same time), this way they will have a minuscule force after you are finished. After you secure the seas then bring in your air craft carriers/dreadnoughts to pound the enemy base, if you are having problems with anti-air then use your army that your built to role into the enemy base and take out whats left. After you have them pinned into their initial island then they will usually quit or they are easily beaten.

Sample Build Orders


power plant barracks refinery airforce command war factory naval yard refinery
powerplant barracks refinery war factory naval yard refinery radar
I hope that these tips and strategies will improve your skills on Oceanside.

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