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» The Alamo

The Alamo Map Size: Small
Map Terrain: Urban
Recommended Side: Either
Author: erikmcfar
"The Alamo" was a map I first considered "impossible" for the Allies to win on, however, I learned that my team selection was NOT my problem, my tactics were the problem. Since my "awakening on this map I am a very dominate and dangerous player on "The Alamo."

The map "The Alamo" offers intense and often brutal urban combat. But, almost all the time the game is decided with in the first few minutes of the game. The map its self is only for 2 players, the main landmarks on this map is "The Alamo" which is in the center of the map surrounded by gems. Also, by each of the starting points there is ONE oil derrick. Plus, there is a Tech Airport and another Oil derrick "up for grabs." The Tech Airport and the Oil Derrick are adjacent to each other and situated almost half way in between the two starting places. The Tech Airport which is at the top of the map is closer to the player at the bottom, and the Oil Derrick which is at the bottom is closer to the player at the top. "The Alamo" which is in the center is equidistant from both positions.

Team Selection
The Alamo is a very interesting map as both sides are practically even and there is really no team that is totally awful at this map. However there are a teams that have more of an advantage than others. Although the allies may seem to have an individual country advantage I put the side selection as either because the soviets have cheap infantry and they are good on smaller maps.

Allies (recommended) Advantages: strong infantry(g.i.'s, rocketeers, and chrono legionnaires), chrono miner, spy sat Disadvantages: weak armor

America (highly recommended)--By far the most versatile and dangerous team, the ability to paratroop(a free 1600 bonus) early and secure strategically important building or use them for defense gives the Americans the advantage against any other team.
Korea (recommended)--Always a dangerous selection, the black eagles give the Koreans excellent air support, however their usefulness is limited to the close quarters of the map, this is a good pick if you are experienced with the eagles and know how to use them properly.
Germany (not recommended)--This country is a borderline selection. Yes it is good against armor, but at the same time it is pathetically weak against infantry and buildings. The best role for the Tank Destroyer is to blunt incoming armor divisions or to harass enemy harvesters, but be careful where they are positioned, because parked near a garrisoned enemy building could result in a major catastrophe.
France (not recommended)--I would avoid this country unless you are a new and not very sure about attacking, the Grand Cannon is a great defensive tool on this map which can help secure your base and your ore fields, but I would still avoid this country if you are the aggressive attacking type, because its serves no purpose in that role.
Britain (avoid at all costs)--This country is a very poor selection on this map, because all of the infantry in this map is used for building garrisoning which totally eliminates the snipers usefulness, so I would avoid this country if possible.

Soviets (recommended) Advantages: cheap conscripts, strong armor Disadvantages: limited airforce, war miner

Russia (recommended)--I would rank Russia as the best soviet team, for the reasons that the tesla tank is extremely useful in dealing with infantry, tanks and buildings the only draw back is its relatively weak armor when compared with the rhino or the apoc. The tesla tanks are best used in groups of 4-6.
Iraq (not recommended)--Along with the british teams thats usefulness is lost in urban combat, the radiation gun does nothing to buildings when deployed and they are easily picked off by rocketeers, harriers/black eagles, or troops in buildings. Only when you get into big tank battles does the desolator become useful by slipping them into the enemy ranks and causing havoc.
Libya (not recommended)--This team is practically useless due to the fact that it is easily detectable and easily picked off and although it is effective against nests of garrisoned buildings, it is totally ineffective against "the Alamo" which is in the center of the map. Most people who use this country are sorry due to most times having their special unit back fire on them.
Cuba (avoid at all costs)--This country's special units the terrorist is only effective when used in a flack track rush, other that that it is absolutely useless and serves no helpful purpose. So I would avoid using Cuba.

The Alamo is a relatively small map and with only moderate resources so you are forced to get the most "bang for your buck." The most important economical tip I can give you is to secure the ore fields and then make sure you defend them there are a total of four ore fields(one by each base, one at the top middle and one bottom right), plus a gem field in the middle surrounding "The Alamo." Each supply is easily guarded by a ring of buildings and who ever controls the buildings controls the ore its as simple as that. If you can control all of the ore, then your opponent cannot build anything no matter how good they are. So if you want to win you have to control the ore.

In order to succeed on this map you must be quick and aggressive, you must fight for your territory and then defend it with your life. To start out you MUST capture at least ONE of the up for grab tech buildings(either the airport or the oil derrick, both have their advantages so I leave to you which is better), if you fail to capture a extra tech building then you are all but doomed, but on the flip side just by capturing both of them doesn't guarantee victory, just enhances your chances. After you capture the tech buildings build either a sentry gun, or pillbox to guard against infantry rushes(or you can wall of the tech building and eliminated the threat all together. I always put my SECOND refinery next to the tech building I have captured, (next to the Oil Derrick is easier to place) and secure the surrounding buildings with infantry and I do not have to worry about unwanted visitors. The two tech buildings should be your first priority, capturing the Alamo a secondary one. I usually do not worry about "The Alamo" for 2 reasons: you cannot place structures by it and the tech buildings are more valuable. However if you want the gems then capturing the Alamo and putting some IFV's or Flack Tracks near it will all but secure the middle of the map for the first 5-8 minutes of the game. After you have exhausted the ore field nearest you then you have to go find ore and thats were the buildings come into play. Then when you are secure in your finances build up your army and attack, be sure to attack buildings with as many units as possible this will reduce the amount of casualties you suffer.

Here is a sample build order of each side:


power plant barracks refinery airforce command war factory second refinery
power plant barracks refinery war factory second refinery radar

I would like to end by saying I enjoyed working on this map tactic and I am positive that it will improve any skill level player's game on this map. If you have any questions about anything written in the map tactic or any of my other map tactics feel free to contact me.

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