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You start off as an insignificant low ranking officer, but by the end of the 12 missions you are the leader of the world.

In mission one you destroy the pentagon; showing the intentions of your nation - showing the US that they are in a lot of trouble. In Mission 2 you have to establish the Soviets command in Florida by forcing a beach landing and destroying the Allies fleet..In mission 3 you have to destroy an Allied Battle lab in Washington - so as you can establish a psychic beacon - enabling you to start taking over the minds of the American citizens - and troops. But suddenly the Koreans attack Russia - so in Mission 4 you rush back to Russia to defend your home front - once the Koreans are successfully disposed of you take a trip to the City of Romance - Paris.. here you turn the Eiffel Tower into one big Tesla Coil :) - this thing is a beast! - After doing this the Europeans back out of helping the Americans - the future is looking good. Next you travel to the Hawaii with an increasing reputation as a successful officer - here you crush the Allied Navy - paving the way for the Soviet domination of the Pacific Ocean.

Mission 7 sees you defending a base in the Udal mountains - to protect the Allies from using their chronosphere there.. once you have valiantly held off the constant allied assaults for nigh on 40 minutes you must , as the name of the mission suggests, desecrate everything - General Vladimir has turned traitor! He has refused to carry out the leaders orders ( the leader being Yuri - due to Premier Romanovs sudden and mysterious illness ). You must obliterate Vladimirs forces whilst also fending off Allied Attacks - to kill Vladimir you must capture the symbol of the United States Capitalist and Free nation - the White House. Once you have captured the white house Vladimir will be 'disposed' of. You are now an extremely important officer in the Soviet Army - Yuri sees you as his number 2 in command. Now you are faced with a task of Vital proportions - using Yuri's psychic commandos you must capture the President - who is surrounded by Seals and Secret Service Agents - not to mention 7 or 8 prism towers. This mission uses all of your tact and guile as you are not able to build a base. Once you have mind boggled the President America begins to fall apart - the Soviets are clearly winning the war! BUT, The Allies have developed their weather machine! Capable of extreme damage - you have to destroy this contraption before it turns the tide of the war! You destroy the contraption.

The Allies are being forced further and further back. But wait! A scandal has broke loose in Russia! A video-tape has been released! Yuri has used his psychic abilities - to kill Premier Romanov. You must kill Yuri and extract revenge for the name of the deceased Premier. Yuri is cowering in the Kremlin in Moscow - he has gathered a mass of forces to protect him! You must obliterate the Kremlin at all costs. Once you have destroyed the Kremlin - and the traitor Yuri with it, you are the commander of the Russian Forces - you must now undertake your final battle. Mission Twelve - Polar storm; the Allies have regrouped their remaining forces in Alaska - you only have limited troops and resources with which to build a base and to destroy the chronosphere - once this is destroyed the Allies will be powerless and the war will be over. The Soviets rule the world - you are the leader of the greatest, and only, nation on earth!

The end sequence shows brains in scientific looking beakers; then the voice of Yuri whispers: "We will meet again comrade - sooner zan you may think!".

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