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» Depth Charge

Depth Charge Map Size: Medium-Large
Map Terrain: Naval , 4 separate islands, one main island
Recommended Side: Allies
Author: erikmcfar
I have played over 50 matches on Depth Charge and won a very high percentage.

The Map Depth Charge has four islands surrounding a large main island and this map is a 2-4 player map. There are two very small islands between the four surrounding islands with oil derricks, the center island also has 6 oil derricks. This map requires an aggressive playing style and "turtles" or non-aggressive types are easily defeated.

Team Selection: This is a map where I believe that the allied side has an huge advantage over the soviets. Because of the simple fact that the allied navy is superior to the soviet. And I will go through country by country which side is the best.

America(highly recommended): By far the best on this map the ability to secure islands and invade with paratroopers with out having to worry about air units gives the americans unsurpassed superiority on this map
Korea(recommended): The only other country I would recommend playing for the simple fact that the black eagle is the only air unit you can use in naval war scenarios.
Great Britain(not recommended): Just about completely useless except for picking off infantry from across the channels, but still its better to use Korea or America.
France(not recommended): This side can be very powerful and destructive if used properly. This country should only be used by a skilled player who is able to secure islands and use the cannon as an offensive weapon, not defensive. If you use it for the latter and not the former the navies will be able to take it out from a safe distance. Otherwise I would avoid being this nation unless you know you to use it in an offensive light, not the defensive.
Germany(avoid at all costs): The german special weapon, tank destroyer(TD), has absolutely NO purpose in a naval war game. There is only infantry which the TD sucks badly against and there are no other tank units so it serves no purpose.

Soviets(not recommended)
Russia(recommended): Well if you HAVE to have the soviets, Russia is the only country that I would recommend using. The tesla tanks are good against infantry and pillboxes and other structures so in short if you have to be soviets then this is the country.
Iraq(recommended): This country may have a purpose defending your islands from paratroopers or invading infantry, however, it lacks the offensive mobility needed on this map, but if you are desperate for a soviet side this one is the only other one besides Russia I would recommend.
Libya(not recommended): This country's use is only in the later stages of the game when naval supremacy has been reached or in the beginning when a quick Demo truck rush before the navies have been establish could help swing the battle to you. However, I think that this is another country were only experience players should use it and you should avoid using this country if your opponent is Korea. Its not a good thing to let your opponents use your special weapon against you.
Cuba(not recommended): This is just a bad choice for a country because it requires a transport to get them anywhere and they are easily picked off in your base causing havoc for you and not your opponent, so again I would not recommend this country because of its lack of versatility.

Economy: This map requires you to be thrifty in your spending for you only have a limited amount of gems and ore on your island, capturing the oil derricks help but if you want more you must expand your mining operation to the vacant islands. I would only recommend one refinery and 3 miners on this map any more and you are spending too much on mining and not enough on war. You must capture the majority of the oil derricks in order to get a constant flow of money and be able to support your war effort.

Strategy: The first objective in this map is the capture of the middle island that has 6 oil derricks. You should quickly build 3 engineers, 3 dogs and a transport start off with. Take over 3 of the oil derricks and then build a pillbox and a barracks near, but not right next to, the oil derricks. Then build more engineers and take over the other 3.(by this time your opponent may also have a force of troops on the other side be ready for a fight) This process is helped the paratroopers securing you island if you chose America. After that be sure to secure the other oil derricks near your original starting point. Then build up a navy a few destroyers or subs to start off with then dolphins, more subs, sea scorps and cruisers to attack their fleet. Dreadnought and Aircraft Carriers are LAST, be sure you can defend them before you build them or you just wasted money. The allied advantage comes into play when you fleets square of in battle the dolphins if used correctly can decimate an entire navy in seconds. Once you have secured the seas that victory is all but had. Be patient and use you long range strike craft to engage the enemy base. Be sure to not let your opponent rebuild his navy. By this time your opponent will usually surrender or you will have an easy time finishing them off.

Here is a good build order for this map assuming you have already deployed your construction yard:

Power Plant Refinery Barracks Naval Yard Airforce Command
This is just a suggestion of what I have found to work best. Please feel free to try and experiment with your own, but above all you must do what works and what you feel most comfortable with.

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