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» South Pacific

South Pacific Map Size: Medium-Large
Map Terrain: Flat, Connecting Islands
Recommended Side: Either
Author: Rob
South Pacific is an interesting map due to the fact that it is basically two islands joined together in the centre rather than one land mass - the area where the two islands are joint together is what is known as a pinch point - this area can be vital to the game and whoever controls it has a distinct advantage - I do not believe that there is one side which is superior to the others on this map - but maybe USA is the best option if you play as the Allies - the map is just the right size to make it possible to tank rush but also possible to defend against one - there are a few simple rules when playing on this map in order to help you ensure victory:

Seas - yes the two islands are surrounded by a large expanse of sea - but is it worth building a navy on order to control these seas? - In my opinion no - this option should be left as a last resort - as the best way to win on this map is to simply build a superior number of tanks to your opponent or a large number of rocketeers/harriers.

Economy - one simple rule when playing on this map is to build two refineries - build one when you start and then build one next to the airport that you will capture (location mentioned further on) - this will give you a big boost as there is a lot of ore around the airport and the amount of ore in the area where you start off is fairly minimal and likely to run out fairly quickly - hence making having an ore refinery next to the airport very important. Another simple tip is to harvest the gems near your base before you harvest the ordinary ore - next to each starting location there is a patch of gems - by harvesting this before the ore you will boost your immediate income..

Tech Buildings - On South Pacific there are a few oil derricks (4 to be precise) and 2 airports - the airports are located either directly above or below your base (dependent on which corner you start in - the basic rule is that the airport will be the opposite way to the shore next to your base). Make sure that you capture this airport early on and make sure it is well protected - a pillbox is a must but a prism tower is worth considering against an opponent who appears aggressive. There is one oil derrick located next to each base - there is also one oil derrick located at the opposite end of the corner that you start in (see radar preview) - a good tactic, providing your opponent has not scouted out the oil derrick in the opposite side of your corner, is to build a barracks or a war factory next to this oil derrick once you capture it - this will allow you to, unbeknown to your enemy, build a considerable force of units - this is especially useful for building groups of rocketeers - as if your opponent cannot see you building any air units then he may well not construct any air defenses..

Build Order - pretty simple on this map really - and you can chop and change it as you want - but the basic build order should be:

PP Barracks Ore Refinery War Factory Radar/War Factory #2 Battle Lab if wanted
Style - Whilst most maps require an aggressive style to secure victory, South Pacific doesn't necessarily require you to do that - you can defend whilst building up a large force and the attack - however I still would suggest that aggressive is best - if you can manage to knock out the enemy's ore refinery next to the airport (assuming they build one), then you immediately give yourself a large advantage - another way to win on this map is to engy rush - stick a couple in a flak trak/IFVs and send them around the edge of the map (instead of directly into the opponents base) - this should allow you to sneak right into the back of the enemy's base if done quickly.

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