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DEFCON Map Size: Large
Map Terrain: Flat
Recommended Side: Either
Author: Rob
DEFCON is a very interesting map due to its terrain - it features a large wide open space with very few mountainous areas - there are six possible places for you to start - and each base is slightly higher than the rest of the map - in between each "base area" is a little canyon - where there is ore; each base has three entrances - so defending them all is quite a challenge, in the middle of the map there is a large, flat piece of terrain with lots of ore and gems on; this part of the map is vital to the game - as if a player has complete control of it then their economy should easily supersede that of their enemy. Hence making sure your enemy doesn't have complete control of it is very important; yet if a player concentrates too heavily on the middle of the map, they leave themselves open to attack from both flanks.

I personally think that DEFCON is a brilliant map to play on as it shows who is the better player - there are no tech buildings to capture; the better player wins - and the terrain makes it possible for many forms of attacks and tactics to be used.. - I don't really think that any side has a particular advantage on this map - the majority of you reading this will agree that Soviet sides are better on small maps, and allies on large maps - well this map is large - but because the terrain is flat it evens the balance out; there is no better side on this map - it's all about who is the better player.

They key to winning on DEFCON is to manage to establish a good economy whilst having enough troops to block any enemy attacks; this map is perfect for tactics such as engineer rushes due to its flat terrain - so building a few flak traks / IFVs and filling them with engineers and then sneaking them into the enemies base through one of the side entrances is an excellent tactic that has a large chance of succeeding - now you may be thinking, "but how do I stop such a rush?" - the best way to do this is to scout out as much of the map around your base and the enemies base as possible - building a radar/air force command early is vital - due to the fact that it is such a large map and the enemy can attack from anywhere. If you play as Soviets against the allies then you must aim to destroy the enemy before they start building high tech units - i.e. mirage tank; therefore you must act quickly - I suggest building at least two ore refineries - if not more; if you manage to secure a higher income than your opponent on this map, then you have an excellent chance of winning. I suggest building a terror drone or two once your war factory is up (your build order as soviets on this map should be: PP>Barracks>Refinery>War Fact>Radar>Refineries) - use them to scout out the map and to take out any infantry the enemy is scouting with. If the enemy builds rocketeers then simply build flak traks - and stick an engineer or two in them - then, should the opportunity present itself, use them in an attempt to take over enemy buildings. You should then simply build as many rhinos as you can and then attack your enemy before build mirage tanks - if the enemy does manage to build a group of mirage/prism tanks then your best bet is to be Iraq - and to build a desolator.

If you play as Allies then you have quite a few options - but your basic build order should be (PP > Barracks > Refinery > War Fact > Air Force Command > Battle Lab > PP) - when your war factory is ready you should build 2 chrono miners. If your enemy appears as if he is going to rush you, you may wish to build only one and then concentrate on building grizzly tanks for defence. Another option is to build your air force command before your war factory, and to then start building as many rocketeers as possible - the rocketeers will be particularly useful for attack your enemies harvesters - especially if they are the soviets. Attacking the enemies harvesters is very important on DEFCON; if you manage to take out a few harvesters by using terror drones/rocketeers or plain old tanks, then you instantly put your enemy at a disadvantage - on DEFCON there is one ore field within your "base area" - this will last for about eight minutes in most games - so once it is gone the harvesters have to venture out of the safety of their base - presenting you with the opportunity to attack them.

The successful player on DEFCON will be the one who is suited to fast paced, non stop action - the map is about outwitting your opponent; it is a genuine test of skill to play on this map - for the better player will win.

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