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» Computer Opponent Tactics

These tactics are designed to be used against the computer.

Quick Victory
Want to beat a brutal opponent in less than two minutes? Easy! - Place as Soviets - pick a small map such as Isle of War/Urban Rush - set the unit count to 10 - once the game starts send all your units towards the enemy base - now order your conscripts to attack the tanks - once the tanks respond order the conscripts to retreat a little in the direction of your tanks (which should be close by) - whilst the computer's tanks are trying to kill your conscripts your tanks will destroy the computers tanks easily - now just run over the computers remaining infantry (alt + click) - now take out the mcv and finish the rest of the base off. This tactic can be used with allies but it's most effective with Soviets.

Scouting Tips
When you first start the game, immediately scout around your base with one of your tanks. The further you scout around the better, but don't go in to or too near the enemies base, yet. When you have scouted around your base with your tank, bring it back and leave it with the rest of your tanks as base defense. Now because you have scouted around your base, you will be able to see any crates that are nearby, and where the enemy will attack from. Too scout the enemies base, if you are allies then there is no need, just build a spy sat. If you are soviets then things become a little harder, grab all the crates you see, since one may be a reveal map crate. If you are not so lucky, then I suggest scouting early-mid game with about 3 terror drones. If the computer has already got up good base defense by then; then don't scout. Scouting the enemies base isn't all that vital, you should know about where the base is, so when you come to attack, you can scout at the same time.

Spy Tips

  • Spys (using them). When I play as allies, as soon as I build a battle lab I immediately build about a few spys. They are really useful against the computer, because it is so dumb; you can just walk them in to its base without it releasing. For every computer player you are playing, build one spy, and then build another 4. One spy in each of the computer players refineries, and then one in any barracks, warfactory and allied battle & soviet lab. Watch out for dogs and yuris since these are the only units that can detect spys. Also watch out for the psychic beacon (is that what its called?), since that will reveal your spy to all units. Getting a spy into a brutal AI's refinery in the mid game will get you about £20,000, so if you're playing 7 of them that a whole lot of cash! To get your spy into the battle labs I suggest using harriers to first destroy the wall around it, and then walk your spy in.
  • Spys (defending against the bast*rds!) The brutal AI, if allies, will use spys against you. They normally send them early on in the game, but it has been known for them to be sent all through the game. So early on in the game make sure you watch your base. There are two ways to deal with spys, the first, build dogs, They will automatically kill any spys they see. The second, do some micromanagement, always watch your base and kill any spys you see coming. When it becomes later in the game and you have more money, cover your base in dogs or build some yuris or a psychic beacon. But one thing is for sure - make sure you keep the spys out, the computers attacks can be hard enough, but when the units are all veteran and you have no power for the linked prism tower and grand cannons, it gets worse!
Comp Stomp Tips
In the easier comp stomps you can get away with playing for yourself and not helping the other team members. When playing the harder comp stomps online (e.g. 3 v 5 Brutal AI) you have to work as a team. Normally all the AI players will attack one human player, trying to put him out the game first. I that person gets killed, then the AI moves on to it's next target. So it is in your interest to help the person being attacked. Drop your paratroopers in his base if you have them. Build an extra prism tower, grand cannon, tesla coil in his base. Another good idea is to have extra buildings in his base. You could have a refinery in his base so you can harvest another area. A barracks as a back up building in case the other one is destroyed, that way you can also build men in his base to help him. Another good idea is to combine bases, this can only be done on certain maps through. You all have a safe path to the spot where you are going to combine bases. There has to be enough space there for everyone and there has to be enough ore for everyone. An example of a good place to combine bases is the middle of Heck Freezes Over. There is gems in the middle and a lot of ore in the surrounding area. There is plenty of space and everyone has a safe path there. If you have combined bases then it is a lot easier to share defenses and units.

Offence Tips
Attacking the computer is completely different to a human opponent. In many respects it is a lot easier, yet in some ways harder. To beat the computer, you don't need to use any sneaky tactics, all you need is force. When playing a human you could normally slip a tanya in the back door of his base and destroy half of it. But when playing you computer you cannot do this. The AI doesn't just defend the front of it's base, it defends all of it. However you can use this to your advantage, if you are allies then I recommend a group of about 9 prism tanks with a few grizzlys, mirage and ifv's to guard them. For soviets you can use almost anything, rhinos, appocs, V3's. If there is water on the map then dreadnoughts and aircraft carriers are always useful, but you'll have to guard them with some other naval units. Tray and take out the power, if you can give the AI lower power then most of it's base defense won't actually work. The only other base defense it will have is, any starting units, some extra men and any units it is about to attack with.

Defence Tips

  • Wall in your Construction Yard since the computer will often send a flak trak full of engineers, or a nighthawk containing 2 tanya's and 3 gi's. Often if they cannot get to your construction yard they just stand there and do nothing.
  • Watch your harvesters. Most of the countries you play will attack your harvesters a lot (esp. Germany and Korea). Build a eng/ifv and keep it on the ore patch to heal your harvesters
  • Build a service depot. When I first began playing the computer, i never bothered with a service depot - I always used a eng/ifv (that way repairing things was free). But they are very useful, mainly because they allow you to build mcv's. Just incase the computer does destroy your construction yard you can always build another.
School Bus Trick
This is a bug really, but a very useful one - for the trick to work u must have either Yuri or a PSI Commando - force fore on a school bus and they will mind-control it - you can now place up to 5 infantry units in it - the most useful units to place inside are Crazy Ivan and/or engineers. Once inside you can now drive the bus - the enemy will simply ignore it - they cannot see it basically - meaning that you can drive it right into the middle of their base ( very useful for uncovering the shroud ) and then simply unload your troops wherever u want - so I suggest that u unload the engineers etc. next to their mcv and war factory/refinery etc.

Spy Attack
This is common sense really - but the easiest way to beat the computer on brutal is to get a spy into one of their refineries - you will get from 15k to even 80k!! This will allow you to build a lot of tanks and other units - which should ensure victory without doubt.

Anti-Iron Curtain
There are three ways to stop iron curtained units:

1 - Use Yuris or PSI Commandos to take them over
2 - Use Chrono Legionnaires to freeze them
3 - Use the chronosphere to pick them up and then deposit them in the water or on cliffs

Chronosphere Tactics
The Chronosphere has a lot of uses - you can use it to chronoshift enemy units as well as your own - this is particularly useful if their harvesters are in a group - pick them up and deposit them in the water to wreck their economy. You can use the chronosphere to pick up iron curtained units as well - only do this if you are desperate however - as Yuris and Chrono Legionnaires can be used to stop them.

How to beat Brutal AI
The Computer is easy to beat in RA2 - even on brutal - it is easy to beat numbers of them at once, my record being 4 brutals at once...

Soviets - The simplest tactic when you are Soviets is the apocalypse tank rush - build up your economy and make sure that you have enough defense to survive grizzly tank rushes / rhino tank rushes. Also, make sure that your air defense is good enough to withstand the Kirov Tactic ( Soviet Brutal Comp always sends Kirovs in groups of 3 ) - you will need approximately 5 flak cannons and a few flak tracks/flak troopers. Once your defense is satisfactory just build 10 apocalypse tanks - then a couple of support units, then you will destroy the enemy base easily.

Allies - This is the best way to beat both Soviet and Allied Brutal AI - Build 5 harvesters to being with - you will have to fend off one initial assault whilst doing this..once your harvesters are all built your economy will be excellent - build 1 spy,12 harriers, tanks ( mirage tanks are best ) and then prism tanks. Send the spy into the enemy ore refinery in order to allow you to do this. When your 12 harriers are ready you should know where the enemy base is (spysat) - if the enemy is allied and has a gap generator covering his base then you will just have to fly over it and uncover it and then hit the mcv > use your harriers to destroy his mcv - then send in prism tanks backed up with mirage tanks for protection - brutal AI never builds service depots so they will no longer be able to build structures - take out power plants and ground defense with your prism tanks, then destroy the war factory and the barracks - now just finish the enemy off.

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