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This page is designed to give you an introduction into online play. All tactics on this page are of good quality; only high-ranking players have added to them.

Managing your economy
Your economy is the most important part of the game - without a good one you will never be a good player - hence it is important to get a good economy up and running very early on in the game - if you can overtake your enemy's economy then you can build more:

"He who has more, wins."

There are a few different ways - you can either build 2 or 3 harvesters when your war factory is built - or you can build 2 or 3 refinerys and pump out tanks at the same time .. the choice is yours - if you are playing a good player then use the latter option! - If you end up in a long game which looks like a draw cause u both have boxed in bases then you must take out the enemy's economy - use rocketeers,harriers,mirage tanks,terror drones and chrono legionnaires to get rid of his harvesters!

The Importance of build time
Build speed - one of the most essential factors of being a god player - you should place everything on the map the second that it becomes available! - For example, If you wait half a minute whilst scouting before putting your refinery down then you have lost 2 harvester returns - and if you are the allies that = $1000 , and if you are Soviets that =$2000 - and that equals a few tanks - which are extremely important early on.

The importance of oil
This isnt so much a tactic but more of a reminder - OIL DERRICKS are vital to the game - you must capture them in order to stand a good chance of winning - ideally you should know where they are on a map before you start - build engineers and capture them - then build pillboxes and place them in front of the oil derricks to stop the enemy from taking it over with his engineers - if you capture the majority of oil on a map then you will have a big advantage over your opponent - and remember - if he captures them first, take them out ASAP!!

The importance of scouting
Scouting - a very important part of the game - and the best players do it straight away - before the enemy has a chance to build defenses that would otherwise prevent you from scouting. Ideally you should know where the enemy base is on a map - send a unit there straight away to uncover the shroud around his base - it is vital that you can see your enemies base at the start so as you can determine what type of player he is - e.g. rusher / defender etc. - You can then adapt to his style of play by making the necessary choices ( e.g. Pillboxs and dogs for engineer rush ). It is vital to scout early on - use tanks/dogs/infantry/rocketeers etc - just make sure u scout! :)

How to stop the quick rush
The quick rush is the favourite of an accomplished player - so its vital that you stop it. Soviet sides have a distinct advantage early on in the game - as their miners collect $1000 as opposed to the allies miners collecting $500 ( Allied miners have an advantage in late game as they can chrono warp back to base - saving lots of time ). Many Soviet rushers simply build as many rhino tanks as they can before their money runs out and then attack your base - usually aiming for your mcv - in order to stop these quick rushes you can do the following ( remember, if you stop an early rush then you have an advantage over your enemy ) :

  • Wall your mcv - this will result in the enemy taking approx 25 seconds more when destroying your mcv
  • Build base defences - e.g. prism towers and tesla coils - 2 or 3 should be enough
  • Build anti-tank units - e.g. terror drones - send a group of these at the enemy and it should make things a hell of a lot easier for you
  • Use everything you have - make sure u use harriers and war miners even if they make seemingly little difference
  • Attack him en route - you should have seen his tanks leaving his base if you scouted properly - you can use Rocketeers,Harriers and terror drones to injure his tank attack before it even reaches your base

Styles of Play
There are very few styles of play - aggressive,counter attack,defence,economy destruction and 'chip away'

Aggressive - The style that nearly all top players use is an aggressive one - they will attack early on in order to establish superiority and then they will continually batter away at you - this style is very effective - but only if you are good - if a new or bad player uses this method then it will most likely cost them the game..

Counter Attack - This style relies on being able to destroy enemy attacks and then attack them quickly while they are at a disadvantage - for example, if an enemy throws his entire tank force at you then you could immediately establish control in the maps 'hot-points' - these are usually at places where there is blue ore,oil derricks,canyon passages and access to ore fields..once you have moved your forces in he will be at a disadvantage as you gradually build up your economy and take over his..

Defense - This style is probably best for new or unconfident players - the best way to defend your base is to be France - and to build grand cannnons (these are extremely effective against enemy armour..

It is possible to create the 'impenetrable base' - if superweapons are turned off.. if you build roughly 6 to 7 grand cannons around the sides of your bases, build a lotof air defense, have dogs outside and prism towers and tanks along with pillboxes around your base - remember though that this form of play - better known as Turtling is a bit boring - and results in an extremely long game which usually ends up in a draw..

Economy Destruction - One way to virtually guarantee victory is to destroy your enemy's economy - this style of play is essential if you wish to win in a late game situation - the best units to take out harvesters are the following:

  • Chrono Legionnaire
  • Terror Drones
  • Mirage Tanks
  • Harriers
  • Apocalypse Tanks
  • Crazy Ivans

If you manage to take out the majority of your enemies harvesters then he will have virtually no income and hence no ability to produce units or defensive structures- which should guarantee you victory - if you take out harvesters in early game or late game ( as opposed to middle game ) then the enemy will be in a lot of trouble.

'Chip Away' - If you havent guess from the name of this style its about attacking your enemy in small attacks - attempting to take out harvesters and a few structures rather than just going for one big attack - this style is very useful if you are in a game which looks to heading for a draw..the style requires you to use all your units - for example, use your harriers to take out enemy tech buildings ( e.g. oil derricks ) and enemy defenses ( providing there is little air defense )

Libyan Demo Truck Rush Tactic
Build Order:

Demo Trucks

Rush your enemies with these trucks - make sure you get them into the base and near buildings before you/the enemy (if he's stupid) destroy it - they will cause a LOT of damage. Try to take out the important structures ( MCV, Refinery etc ). Even if the enemy isn't beaten by these tactics immediately, the fact that he will have to rebuild his base means that you will have a large advantage over him.. However remember that the enemy will be informed when you build a truck - so make sure that he doesn't blow it up in your base.

Grizzly Rush
This tactic is about getting grizzlies very quickly and rushing your opponent very early - build order:

War Factory

Build as many grizzlies as possible before your money is out - then rush the enemy base and hit him hard - try to take out the mcv!! Then the refinery and war factory - also try sneaking an engineer in an ifv into his mcv..

Cuban Terrorist Attack
Someone used this on me and it very nearly cost me the game - first of all get your basic base up and running..

Now build 3 flak traks and 3 Cuban Terrorists - now rush the enemy base - he wont have time to destroy all three flak traks - once in the base unload your terrorists - now take out his most important buildings - MCV, Refinery or War Factory - if u take them out then the enemy is in a lot of trouble - and a rhino tank rush should finish him off...

Allied IFV Engineer Rush
This is very useful against an opponent who has poor base defences and no walls around his mcv - stick an engineer into an ifv and then just send it at their base - unload it next to the mcv and walk the engineer in - you should have done this early on in the game - which means that you now have a big advantage as your enemy should not have had time to go high tech ( build a battle lab ).

Allied Nighthawk Attack
This attack is useful against an opponent who has little or no air defense : - you can either build 5 engineers and load them into the nighthawk or a few engineers and a tanya..I recommend the latter. In order for this tactic to work to its full potential I suggest that you build the nighthawk and load it underneath a gap generator - so as the enemy will have no idea what you are doing...

Once loaded you have to sneak the nighthawk into the enemy base - remember, nighthawks are invisible to enemy radar; so the only way that the enemy can notice them is

a) When they are stationary (on the ground)
b) By actually seeing them on his screen

The best way to avoid the enemy seeing your nighthawk is to avoid flying it in parts of the map where he may be looking - e.g. the space directly in between your bases.

Once near the enemies base unload the nighthawk away from sentry guns/pillboxes and from air defenses ( nighthawks will be shot down by patriots/flak cannons very quickly ). Once the nighthawk has landed unload straight away - no send your engineers into the most important enemy buildings - then sell them ( if you are France then dump a Grand Cannon down inside his base :D ).. Tanya should take care of any dogs/infantry that attempt to attack your units.. if you manage to get rid of your enemy's most important structures then you have a large advantage..

Engineer Walk
I've used this tactic a couple of times now and it works quite well:

Build one engineer after you have finished producing dogs for scouting - now send him around the edge of the maps towards your enemies base - the chances that he will be seen are minimal (unless your opponent is a map revealer) - now walk him into any structures without dogs/drones nearby - if there are a few tanks then you should still have time to get the engineer in - unless your opponent squashes the engineer with the tanks.. this tactic is underestimated - it can work against any player - if you manages to get an important structure (ref/war factory/mcv) just sell it after and you will now have more cash to spend - the key to the tactic is that you get the engineer out of your base and to the edge of the map before your opponent scouts out your base and sees the engineer. - This tactic is also useful if you fail to capture derricks on a map containing derricks..

For more detailed online tactics and tips please refer to the Ultimate Strategy Guide or the Tip of the Day section.

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