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Welcome to our collection of fan tactics. Please note we don't endorse these tactics - use them at your own risk! Some may be useful, whilst other may frankly be rubbish.

Soviet Tank Tactic Submitted by:Corbin Taylor
This tactic is good if you are soviets. When you start your game build 2 refineries and then when you have power plants and derricks, build a war fac. After that build a few ore miners, then build like 15 tanks, after that just attack them, i have won many games like that, it catches em off guard :)

Base Defense Submitted by:Burn
Fortify you base as much as you can so you don`t have to worry about attacks. Then build as many Tanks as you can and send `em in ! Never fails ! Prism tanks are best ! ;)

Demo Truck Advice Submitted by:Ford Heacock
Be Libya and build up your tech tree quickly. When you have a war factory que miner, demo-truck, miner. After that use the demo-truck as a scout. When it finds their base it'll blow 1/2 of it up. Use it wisely, the enemy is informed when you build one. Have fun!

Ultimate Nuclear Weapon! Submitted by:Big Burnley Jim
For an extremely potent nuclear weapon. Play as Libya and build 4-5 demo trucks. Make sure your nuclear missile and iron curtain are ready and position all the trucks just outside the base. Use the iron curtain on as many as possible and then drive them into the base, equally spreading them out in a circle. THEN set your missile in the middle of the base and if done right it should set off all the demo trucks for ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION!

Anti-France/Prism Tank Rush Paradrop Defence Submitted by:BKTJ
This works only if there are tech airports or if you are America, and if the other team is france or there building a prism tank rush. Once you have your airdrop ready (assuming you have waited for the icon to be "ready") drop it near the enemies grand cannons or prism mob..try to drop your infantry near the range of tanks/turret and near a few important structures..then the prism tanks will turn and shoot causing damage to their own units and structures and even worse if there grand cannons are shooting inside there base...and if there france with grand cannons and a prism rush....they should be afraid....very afraid...

IFV Engi Rush Variation Attack Submitted by:Seesko
This one was used against me quite effectively and to my shock. It's only a variation of the IFV+engineer rush but proved to be devastating. Take a IFV+engineer into an enemy base and take over whatever structure is the easiest to get to, usually a power plant. The key to this is to have a grand cannon ready to deploy, as soon as the structure is taken over drop the grand cannon in the middle of your opponents base. This one killed me very fast, I didn't have a chance.

Chrono Attack Submitted by:Benjie
Build up about 6 chrono legionnaires. Mass them together and then use the chronosphere,not their own, to teleport them in to the enemy base. They will not have to wait to beam in, and they can stop enemy fire with there weapons.

How to Beat Brutals easily Submitted by:Matt
If you are playing against more than one Brutal enemy you should first build defenses and then Engineers. If the enemy is the opposite for example your Soviet and they're Allies than capture the construction yard after the rest off the base is destroyed by using Prism Tanks. Re-pack the MCV and bring it to your base or just build anywhere. Now you can be Allies and Soviets at the same time.

Naval Battle Tips Submitted by:dsrtfox19
If you ever play on a map with water you need naval power. A good fleet can take out the strongest base in minutes. For allies this means building dolphins as soon as you can. After you have about 5 dolphins put them in a likely spot for an enemy naval yard. Whenever the enemy builds a naval yard, blow it up before it can produce anything. After you get your dolphins start working on a fleet 3 aegis cruisers should be more than you will ever need. 3 carriers should also be sufficient. However you should note that if the enemy is able to build a naval yard it will be very important for you to have a large number of dolphins and destroyers for protection. Also, don't build up your fleet at the total expense of your ground forces. Even with a fleet of 50 ships you could still lose the battle if your opponent can get a large tank force into your base

Crazy Ivan Tips Submitted by:cannibal
Playing as soviets any type ...and using ivan to strap bombs on terror drones, then running the bombed drones into the base, make sure you've made enough there good at taking out pile boxes and other ground defenses . then take ivan in with the drones you have left to take out the enemy structures youve cleared the path to. Make sure you have your drones on guarding ivan before you go in . Also ivan in an allied IFV makes a quick cheap fast demo truck that does not siren the enemy ...

Clever Crazy Ivan Trick Submitted by:Cameron
This tactic takes extremely precise timing, but it's well worth it. If you can put a crazy ivan bomb on a chrono miner at the right time, it will go off just after it chronoshifts back to it's refinery, destroying it!

Chrono MCV Attack Submitted by:Andrew
Super weapons have to be on for this tactic and you have to be allies. Although I am sure a worthy player like you will know this one: When the chronosphere is ready build an MCV to teleport next to there base(where there is no defence if possible) and have a barracks and a prism tower ready to deploy and a tanya almost ready(make sure you click on hold) then but barracks and prism tower next to MVC and make the barracks primary so tanya can come. After this you can build many turrets and prism towers to destroy there base. Believe me this is very effective. You can even build a warfactory at the start and have tanks ready to come out of.

Cuban & Crazy Ivan Cocktail Submitted by:anthrxe7
for this tactic to be most efficient you must be the cubans... once you have radar and a war factory build 3 flak tracks 15 terrorists 1 ivan. now place bombs on the cubans and then put them in to the flak tracks. the bombs wont explode in side the flaks until you unload them so now you have primed bombs and exploding infantry in a fast unit.. run them at your opponent taking out vital buildings eg mcv war fac!!!!! try it its great and if done well will win you the game!

NightHawk Attack Tip Submitted by:Neil H
Just to add to the allied nighthawk attack make sure your prism tower/grand canyon is ready and build it right next to the building you take over. Secondly try to get the enemy's war factory and have a prism tank on hold assign the enemy's old war factory the primary building and finish off the prism tank.

Libya Tips Submitted by:Cydewaze
Build an iron curtain generator, and 4 demolition trucks. Drive the trucks near the base, but not close enough to be noticed. Then, iron curtain them. Once they're iron curtained, drive them in and park them around the construction yard. Once the iron curtain wears off, the comp will blow them up, and when one blows they all do - taking the construction yard (and almost everything else) with them in a huge green blob. Another thing that helps to protect the demo trucks once they're built is to stuck them inside an amphibious transport, which will hold 4 of them.

Base Control Advice Submitted by:Jack
Your standard build order should be PP Barracks 2 dogs whilst building an Ore Ref, use them to scout however u see fit. 2nd Ore Ref War fact 3rd Miner whilst building a Radar Space your base out; the larger your base is the larger portion of the map u control, and the less vulnerable you are to Superweapons. It Also allows a greater freedom of movement, only a newbie or a bad player builds cramped up Don't build Prism Towers or Tesla Coils unless u believe the enemy is going to attack the area it is defending, there r very expensive and power consuming Pillboxes and sentry guns however r relatively cheap and should be built to discourage an infantry assault or to fend off recon units such as TD's and Dogs

Moo. Submitted by:Will
take over some cows or cars with a yuri then mack them go next to you enemy's base then make a crazy ivan put the bomb on the cow or car walk it up next to a enemy building and BOOM! destroying or damaging the building (if you try this against a person he will catch on so do try it unless he is stupid

IFV Submitted by:Harnaik
Never underestimate the IFV, it can be very useful: Putting Chrono or Crazy Ivans into them will give you a makeshift demolition truck, but they are better because the radiation lasts alot longer. Putting Tesla troopers into them gives you a makeshift tesla tank. Putting Chrono Legionnaires into them gives you a much more powerful version of the soldier. The weapon becomes more powerful, and can eradicate tanks and men in seconds. This is best used against ore miners, because for each one killed, the IFV gets promoted. Also, while it is attacking a unit, that unit can't fire back If you put any commando in an IFV (Tanya, Navy Seal, Chrono Commando, or Psi Commando), it becomes great at killing hordes of infantry. Putting a Yuri or Yuri Prime into it, then its attack will be the 'mind blow' (The same as when you deploy a yuri). Just be careful not to put your infantry too close.

IFV Submitted by:Harnaik
While playing as the allies send a spy into the enemy war factory so that all the tanks you build are already veterans. Then build 6-8 prism tanks. The veterans are great at killing buildings and infantry at a distance. I've leveled whole bases without meaning to because each shot rebounds and hits enemy units. They can easily out distance tesla coils, but watch out for hordes of tanks.

Spy Tactics Submitted by:hehos
if you have an ally and you want elite units in an easy way do this. build a 3 spies and send them to your allies base. put one near his barracks,warfactory and battle lab. make sure there are no ale units or defenses near your spies. when your ready break the alliance and get your spies in the buildings. when your done you can make an alliance again. now you have elite units and a special unit. this way is much easier than sending your spies to your enemies

IFV Combo Advice Submitted by:brian
If the person your playing is Iraq, and is know to do the desolator+terror drone tactic, heres a way to screw em over. Be Great Britain, build 1 sniper, 2 engineers, and 3 IFVs. Put the sniper in the IFV(same with engnrs). This way you can cap the desolator and repair terror droned infected IFVs.

Paradrop Anti-Tank Rush Tactic Submitted by:Harnaik
This tactic is great for beating early tank rushes. First off, be america because you'll need the paras. Build up your defense (don't bother with pill boxes, just have prism towers). After the tank rush both his and your forces will be pretty mashed. By this time you should send paras into his base and destroy his refinery, barracks and war factory (they die the quickest). If he was spending all his money on tanks, he shouldn't have a good defense and will die easily. I've had many people surrendering or disconnecting from this. NOTE: This only works if the player isn't good. This tactic can be countered by using dogs (but if you drop them away from the base as opposed to directly on it, then you should be ok as they won't be killed as they land).

Advice Submitted by:Illegal
My fav tactics is to start the game off to a quick start. Make alot of money, with ore trucks and scout the map. Personally i like to destroy oil derricks because any one that gets these can get an advantage, I some times take em but most of the times i destroy them because im usually better at gaining minerals than my opponents I spend most of my defence on infantry and guard buildings(usually sentry guns) Walls are hella important, Build em around tech centers like the computer so they cant get the super units. I use dogs but don't rely on em that much This only takes like 10 minutes to be ready usually they try some rush on you and lose 15 tanx are never enough and i usually elite my units or at least veteran em. Elite units are the BEST THINGS TO KEEP don't squander em they can practically defend your whole base. My tactics involve Crap loads of conscripts and 1 flack track full of ivans Go up the middle with all your tanx and conscripts. round the back with Ivans They never see it coming. Mostly because no one ever builds back d. I have not Lost with Soviets yet and i don't plan on it for a while, I mostly play world domination For the Custom Games, Remember To Keep Building and have a supply Depot, Those newbie black eagle jets never win If you know what your doing, Especially since you elite your units hella fast because they are Running through all your Defenses. Its quite Funny To elite all your air defense, you'll never lose to em

Harvester Attack Submitted by:Scorpion
destroy their harvesters with your rocket fighters

Nuclear Trick Submitted by:SPHERE2001
As the Soviets build up your base then when the timing is just right (after an attack is best) send in a flak track loaded with engineers (Iron Curtain useful) take over the MCV and a few other buildings (choice is yours) make sure that Nuclear Reactors are ready to be put down and place in their base!! Build plenty of Nuclear Reactors all over their base. If you are Libya build Demolition trucks and place these everywhere. Sell all unimportant buildings in their base. Your opponent has a problem, destroy the nuclear reactors and risk losing half the base or try to survive. Make the decision for them, Nuke the base and watch the display. If you are Libya you may have some unexploded demo trucks, ram buildings with these, your own if necessary. After this there should be one very dead and very frustrated opponent.

Spy Tips Submitted by:Kyle
Spies. Train plenty of spies, and send them into the enemy base. The enemy doesn't usually keep dogs on the interior of the base, so it's easy to keep them their, and use them for whatever you want, whenever you want

Chrono Harvester Help Submitted by:mcsiaw
If your chronoharvester is being attack by the terror drone, and your support is far back behind, just chronosfere your harvester back to the refinery. You will found out that 'only ' the harvester is chronosfere back, NOT the terror drone. Then, just sent air units to destroy that nuisance!!!

Dreadnought Attack Submitted by:blackraven
Build a tank and 5 dreadnoughts. Use the tank for exploration, and then use the dreadnoughts to obliterate their base

Paradadrop Tips Submitted by:DEATH
This tactic should only be used if you have a good base defense. First you have to be America. Then find out all of your enemies ore fields. Drop all your paradrops just below the fields. Once you have about 4 drops move onto the ore and deploy them all. (note: it is always good to have both the airborne and the airdrop so if there is a civilian airport capture it and protect it well)Keep sending all your drops there. Watch out for terror drones as those will be your only enemy. Once there economy is gone attack with all your gi's and units. ( i found that playing a brutal computer only 5 drops or 2 duel drops took care of most of there base.

Chronosphere Advice Submitted by:zerabel
If your the Americans and you have a chrono sphere and there is water on the map. Instead of beaming in your stuff. Beam your opponents vehicles or harvesters into the water. They die. Or if its a water map you can beam the ships onto land. They die. The other player doesn't get the "Your harvester is under attack message with this attack method. ircheese, Go Russians! Grand Cannon Tactic Submitted by:Chris
The grand cannon strategy As early as possible in the game make 1 engineer or more place them in a night hawk. At the same time build a grand cannon. Early in the game this strategy can kill anyone and if you put unit count 0 your opponent will have a very weak base defence once your nighthawk arrived just capture a building near the mcv and then just place your grand cannon (the grand cannon can kill an mcv in 2 to 3 shots and damage nearby units) and the base is yours. This strategy worked on all the people I played except once, if you fail you probably lost. But I guarantee you this strategy works all the time early in the game.

Demo Truck tip Submitted by:s0ldier54
this tactic only works with superweapons on. you or your ale needs to be Libya and the other any allied team. what you need to do is have the player thats Libya build 9 demo trucks. put all the demo trucks in a square. now use the chronosphere and chronoshift the demo trucks to the middle of the enemy base (or anywhere you want them in the base). let the enemy blow the demo trucks up. they just kill themselves. this tactic works very well against all enemy's. =)

Cheap Demo Truck Submitted by:s0ldier54
for this tactic to work you need to have access to a crazy ivan/terrorist and an ifv. and put the crazy ivan/terrorist into the ifv and you got a nice cheap demo truck

Yuri Prime Advice Submitted by:Edward Shields
If there are trees near the enemy base build a Yuri Prime which can control units from a very long range and if possible a few mirage tanks. Attack an enemy preferably soviets with tanks and men then while you are fighting place the Yuri Prime and mirage tanks behind some trees. Your opponent should have no tanks left after your attack. As soon as he builds his first tank you can control it without intervention and use it to attack his war factory. This works very well if they build an apocalypse or prism tank. The mirage tanks should be able to easily take care of any men they throw at your Yuri if they find him meaning you can keep taking over units they build and there is nothing they can do about it.

How to get a spy past dogs.. Submitted by:Steel
how to easily enter a spy even with battalions of dogs surrounding the opponents' base : first use britain then use snipers to eliminate dogs. train a couple of rocketeers to protect them.

How to blind the enemy.. Submitted by:Steel
use any ale country then just build lots of gap generator around the world by the use of second MCV but this hard to do 'cause you need lots of cash and time but you can use these blind spots to hide large army. France is the best country to use this strategy because the grand cannon can defend your gap generator. you can also use this strategy without the use of MCV as long as the map is full of tech buildings that your engineers can study the blueprints. The opponent will have a hard time thinking where to attack if he does not know where is his enemy's weak point is

Libya Tactic Submitted by:Steel
this might be simple but anyway it goes like this. build 5 demo trucks then use iron curtain on them and go directly to the enemy's primary and KABOOM.

French Cannon Division Submitted by:DanM
I am sure you have all fought people in the past who play as France and like to surround their base with Grand cannons, I've met a few myself and find it impossible to break through because they have gone for all out defense, leaving the game a stalemate. There are a few ways to deal with Grand Cannons, for the soviets, you can send in an army of Kirovs and bomb them out, or if they have far too much defense, build up a huge force of Apocalypse Tanks, but split them into a few groups, then Iron Curtain One group and send them in, letting them take the hits from the Grand Cannon, while you push your other forces up and another way to destroy them. If you are without an Iron Curtain, the above suggestion still works, but I would create a few more tanks and spread them out a bit more, make their job as hard as possible :-)

Chrono Legionnaire + IFV Submitted by: General B
This is a skirmish/modem tactic: put a chrono legionnaire into an I.F.V and.. POOF! you are the ass kick`nest general on the battlefield ;)

Libya Tip Submitted by:[T][T]
If you are using Libya as soon as you build a war factory and can produce demo trucks, explore the map and set the rally point near to the allied construction yard. Then sell all your useless building including your barracks and waste all your money making demo trucks. ( you can also use IFV + ivans )

Various Tips Submitted by:Chronolag
If playing with MCV Redeploy on, you can use several nifty tactics

Pesky Engineers in IFVs can be counteracted by Undeploying Your MCV just before they enter. This has saved me several times in a quick Engineer-IFV rush. Doesn't work as well against Soviets thought, cause Flak Trax carry many more Engineers.

Once you've build all your structures, and are concentrating on tanks and the like, undeploy your MCV, move it off into a corner behind a building, or deploy it if you are against a Soviet, because it's likely they don't see it.

Also, if against a Soviet player, getting a Spy into their Radar Tower can absolutely cripple their plans. It is effectively the same as destroying an Allied Spy Sat.

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