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» TOTD Archive December 2001

Saturday, December 29 Posted by: f1reburn 2on2 Tips
When in a 2on2 game with a friend and one of you is allies and one is soviet, bear in mind that the combination of their best assets often leads to victory e.g:

*putting tesla troopers in IFV's - like a tesla tank but more versatile

*putting crazy ivans/terrorists into IFV's - turns them into mini-demolition trucks without alerting your opponent with a warning call.

*the ultimate example of these combinations occurred to me when someone put 5 tesla troopers in a battle fortress against me, this seriously dented my tank numbers and is a brilliant tactic if you have the cash

Just experiment and you be amazed at what you can do with these 'new units'.

Thursday, December 27 Posted by: Phoenix Balancing Economy and Production
You may hear a lot about the balancing of economy and production, and that's because it is very important. The whole point of it build as many tanks as you can without stopping. To do this you need a good build order. This is mine for the rush:
War Fac-Miner->5 tanx(repeat)
War Fac

War Fac-TD->3 tanx->miner->tanx
Radar(if needed)
War Fac
War Fac
Other tricks that help your economy run more smoothly are, the fac to ref trick as covered in yesterdays totd by Rob, selling conyard for more cash(primarily as sovs), and always remembering to build out towards the ore. Balancing economy and production to where you can build all that you need and still being able to defend yourself is an essential skill for any ladder player that, once mastered, will win you many games.

Wednesday, December 26 Posted by: Rob Quick Chrono Miner Shifting Tip
This is a tip for when you build Chrono Miners out of the war factory; often you will find it quicker to warp them (as soon as they have been built and exit the factory), to the refinery. The refinery is usually (and should be) closer to the ore than your war factory. This little method saves you valuable seconds and helps improve the speed with which you build up your economy. Often over-looked tactic; make sure you use it.

Monday, December 24 Posted by: erikmcfar Battle Fortress
The battle fortress can be on of the most dangerous and deadly units in YR, but hardly many allied players use it, primarily because of its high cost and cost to fill, but it can be well worth the money. The battle fortress is best employed with 4 guardian gi's and 1 seal or all ggi's, but it is important to have at least one battle fortress with a seal or tanya to eliminate infantry like deployed gi's and ggi's and desolators, this is why the battle fortress is a good asset it can take the radiation unlike the other allied armor units. Also unlike the mirage tank and prism tanks the battle fortress can fire while it is moving away. Making it very lethal while moving away, it may not be the fastest thing but it can cause sever damage to units that cant catch it while its moving away.

Thursday, December 20 Posted by: LPark02 Yuri: Both sides of the Boomer
Gattling Tanks are all Yuri has when it comes to stopping an early Boomer attack

The best way to be ready for the Boomers

-The Usual Deploy MCV then Build a Power plant
-Barracks (and get 2-3 Brutes for scouting 2 on smaller maps)
-Slave miner
-Warfactory (when suspecting any early Boomers put 1-2 Gattling tanks before 2 Slave miners from the warfac)
-Psy Radar (Build a magnetron or two if your enemy gets to close to the shore just haul him in)

Now to use the Early Boomer rush
-Same order as above
-Build a Radar before you build a Sub Pen, If there are islands with tech buildings on it (i.e. Meatgrinder) I usually build a Subpen first and build a Transport while building my Radar.
One the radar is placed Click for 3-4 boomers once two are built move them to your enemy's position and begin attacking as the other Boomers are completing construction keep the pressure on

Move your Boomers after a couple of volleys they are quick enough to keep from getting hit
Waiting for more than two Boomers can drastically change the outcome the key to the Boomer Rush is making it as early as possible

Wednesday, December 19 Posted by: Saber07 Distraction tactics
One of the best ways to beat your opponent is to distract him with a small force while you have a covert or large force destroy them. A favorite of mine is a paradrop to make them go to that on their radar, then the basic seal or engy rush. You can also build about 1 or 2 rockies and attack his power, making him spend money on AA while you build up your force. Attack his miners with about 4 tanks while you do some other strategy. Just try out different things to distract with and what to attack, you'll soon find the advantages of doing this.

Monday, December 17 Posted by: erikmcfar Don't Underestimate the Navy's Power!
This is especially true with maps that have a lot of water. Many times I build a navy and people ignore it. A starting fleet for allies, a few dolphins, an aegis cruiser, and a aircraft carrier can cause great devastation if left on checked. Many people underestimate its power and just today on face down the only structure i had left was a naval yard, but because I had a strong fleet consisting of 4 aircraft carriers, a dozen dolphins, an aegis cruiser and a handful of destroyers I was able to keep my opponent from destroying my naval yard and managed to destroy their base and forced them to the middle where they eventually surrendered, now in conclusion a good navy CAN be a deciding factor in a game, but when in a bind always build for a land war instead of Naval, unless it is a naval war.

Sunday, December 16 Posted by: Cabal Waypoints
I feel I need to write about this...

Not untill recently have I actually discovered the effectiveness of this tool. You can use way points to have units move from one position to another by following a carefully planned route. They can also be used to set units on a constant path of patrol. Dogs would be a good use for this function. The other and I think most useful thing about way points is that you can use them to target enemy buildings and units. Say for example you have a group of lashers and gat tanks and you want the lashers to concentrate on enemy structures you can have them attack them in a planned order..

This means you destroy one they will automatically move onto the next one. You could also use this in a tank battle and it is great as their decoys become practically useless but they may move around their tanks making your waypoints a stupid pattern of attack.

Please refer to the instruction booklet for details on how to use waypoints.

Saturday, December 15 Posted by: f1reburn How to kill 20 tanks - Part 3
Today is the final installment of my mini series on defending masses of enemy tanks and I'm going to take you through what Yuri has to stop such an invasion:

The Brute - The genetic monstrosity that is the brute is excellent against all low-tech tanks and vehicles. He loses most of his worth though against deployed GI's and against tanks such as the mirage which will make short work of him. Even a single one though can destroy groups of GGI's as they are pathetically weak against other infantry when deployed. Against around 20 grizzly/rhino/lasher tanks I think that you should have 15 or so brutes, but try and corner the tanks as they have better speed than the brute.

The Chaos Drone - This, the most controversial of all units (except possibly the Boomer) has the power to swing a tank battle in your way as even in groups of 2/3, when mixed in with your own tanks it will generate gas which will send enemy tanks unto each other, and contrary to what some people tell you it does NOT affect it's own units as of time of writing. Against 20 tanks or so mix 3/4 of these in with your own tanks and revel in your own glory.

The Mastermind - "What!?" I hear you cry. This unit is a prime target for enemy infantry and air units if it is left on it's own, but if you adequately cover it and mix it with your own tanks you can just remove 3 tanks at a time from the oppositions forces. E.g 3 rhino tanks being mind controlled are worth more than 1 Mastermind. Use about 3 Masterminds within your tanks to guarantee you the edge.

Friday, December 14 Posted by: Rob Miscellaneous, Advanced Scouting Tips
I've been over scouting before, to get the basics on it simply use the search feature in the TOTD Archive. Today's tip deals with a few advanced scouting tips..
  • Waypointing Barracks
    As your dogs come out of the barracks, they will stop outside it and wait to be given orders - unless you waypoint the barracks that is. I waypoint the barracks to where I want the dogs to go, then, as the dog exits the barracks, I select it (I already have my mouse dragged over the area around the barracks) and then press CTRL + 1 to Group it; use the same method for the dogs you build - I change the waypoint in most cases as I don't usually send two dogs in the same direction.

  • Dog Eat Dog
    You'll have noticed that your dogs can often become victims of your enemy's dogs; and it can be quite frustrating - but, as most players think, it isn't just luck (admittedly this does play a factor when using dogs though). If two dogs are in roughly the same area, the dog that entered the area is nearly always the one that will be killed by the dog who was stationed in the area. Now, to use the aforementioned to your advantage, at the start of the game you should leave one dog at a pinchpoint which the enemy will scout through - as his dog runs through, your dog should eat it. Now use your dog to scout out the area that you need to. So basically, pause your dog in its tracks for a while and wait for your enemy's dogs. Then keep moving.

  • Scouting Base With Multiple Dogs
    It's best to enter an unscouted base with two dogs from both directions, simultaneously. The aforementioned means that if a pillbox/war miner etc. should happen to pick of one of the dogs, the other should be able to carry on scouting and avoid the danger (At this stage in the game it's unlikely your enemy will have 2 pillboxes or multiple war miners).
Thursday, December 13 Posted by: LPark02 Stopping the Boomer Rush
If you suspect a Boomer rush: Usually if there is enough water for a naval battle you should suspect the worse

As Allies:

-The Obvious Deploy Mcv and build Power Plant
-Barracks (build 2-3 dogs and scout, the shore especially)
-Refinery (While this is being built make about 3 GGIs)
-Warfactory (build 2-3 miners depending on the map, Make 2-3 GGis and deploy them Near Refineries and your Warfac)
-AFC (Make up to 4 rocketeers You can also make some GGI-IFVs and when the boomers appear use them to sink them
They can be used for defense against or attacking any boomers)
-Naval Yard (Just Attack the Boomers with destroyers and rocketeers and you should have em)

As Soviets:

-The Obvious Deploy Mcv and build Power Plant
-Barracks (build 2-3 dogs and scout, the shore especially)
-Refinery (I usually build a couple Tesla Troops they're great against yuris tanks)
-Warfactory (Build a few Miners and 2-3 Flak tracks)
-Radar (Once this is up start making Flak troopers 10 is the most Ive ever made and they were more than sufficient all you should need is about 6)
-Naval Yard (about 3 typhoons for every boomer so try to pump out 4 and use them when the boomers missiles appear)

A Major Tip for Stopping the Boomers: They can quickly move about the coast lines so be alert to where the next strike might come form and be ready to move your forces

I will Be putting in Yuris aspect from Both sides of the boomer next week.

Wednesday, December 12 Posted by: Saber07 Never give up
One mistake that some players will do is give up when they think they have lost. I have lost some games by stupid mistakes before when I was totally killing the guy. Ive been engy rushed before, and only had an airforce command and barracks. I massed rockies with a paradrop and beat the guy. Another instance is if you get engy rushed and have a war factory you can either try and engy rush him back, or mass tanks and just try to tank push on him. In any case, never just give up always try and make some kind of stand and try and win. Good Luck.

Tuesday, December 11 Posted by: Phoenix The Importance of Micromanagement
Micromanagement---a often-heard word, but few truly understand all the aspects of it. Micromanagemnt is one very important way to tilt the odds in your favor, even if you have a tank disadvantage. The three golden rules of tank battles are:
(1)Try to have more tanks than your enemy
(2)Separate your tanks into Ctrl + # groups of 4-5 and repeatedly attack across the battle line with those groups.
(3)ALWAYS have decoys(i.e. dogs)

All three of these rules together, if all performed, [b]will insure[/b] that you win the battle.

Micromanagment is also useful in other forms, too. Careful maneuvering of an engineer around a brute can mean the difference between a captured tech building or a wasted $500. Another micromanagement technique, known far and wide as the drive-by, is another micromanagement tactic used by driving by columns of unturreted tanks (mirage, tank destroyer, etc.) causing massive losses. Micromanaging dogs around enemy pillboxes can be vital to seeing what your enemy has in store for you.

Just remember, RA2 (or YR) is just as much about how you use your units as it is about how many units you can build.

Tuesday, December 11 Posted by: erikmcfar Observations
In the beginning of the game, take notice (or try) to of where your opponent has scouted so you can put units and structures where your opponent can't see.

Rob: Watching opponent's scouting patterns will also allow you to decided whether or not to use the dreaded "Engy Walk". Build 1 dog, 1 engineer and then 1 dog. Scout with the dogs as usual; but walk the engineer towards the enemy base on a route that your enemy's scouts did not cover - hence he won't be able to see your engineer. The aforementioned is usually best achieved by walking the engineer around the edges of the map.. you should then attempt to capture an important structure; examples being refinery, mcv and war factory - the mcv being the best structure to capture and the war factory the second best option. Take note of the fact that wary players may see your engineer and hence could repack/sell their mcv before your engineer captures it. Once you capture a structure simply sell it; your opponent will be left crippled and you will have a surplus of cash left over from selling the building - the game is won.

Sunday, December 9 Posted by: Cabal Free Cash Grinder Trick
Ok, although everyone whines about Yuris economy and how they cant be bothered to find a way to beat it, I am here today to tell you how to generate lots of free cash throughout the game. I am sure more experienced players already know this but for you newbs out there the trick to this is simple. Have 5 miners at the same ore field (which you should have already). You need to Genetic Mutator and a Grinder for this to work. When the GM is ready turn all your slaves (or as many as possible into Brutes then send these into the Grinder. Done properly you can gain a free 5000-6000$ every 5 minutes and this is especially useful in the later game situations :D. Yet another way to get tons of cash.

Saturday, December 8 Posted by: f1reburn How to kill 20 tanks - Part 2
Right my second installment of this three-parter deals with what the Soviets have to offer:

The Terror Drone - This robotic spider is useful for taking out all infantry (on their own) and it's very good at combating low-tech tanks (e.g the Grizzly tank) and slow ones (such as the Apocalypse tank). If you spot a tank or two that are isolated then sending a TD or two will usually result in you seeing them ripped from the inside out. So to kill 20 tanks you need to attack from behind a tanks turret and use them in approximately equal numbers to the tanks, this should be achievable as they cost less than all tanks.

The Desolator - This soldiers radiation cannon is capable of ripping through the armour of all allied tanks (apart from the Battle fortress) and it also eliminates Yuri's panzers equally quickly. These guys are best used in groups of three and should be deployed just out of range of the oncoming 20 tanks so they drive right into the radiation field, melting them there and then.

The Tesla Trooper - "What!?!" I hear you cry. This guys is pretty good against low order tanks such as the grizzly, lasher and sometimes the rhino. If your opponent is using 20 tanks then you should have at least 30-35 tesla troopers and as they cannot be crushed they should ensure the demise of your opponents attacking force.

Friday, December 7 Posted by: Rob Tips On Hot Pointing
"Hot Pointing?" - Well if that was your reaction then make sure you pay attention to the rest of the tip.. however if you knew what I meant then you probably won't pick up much..
  • What is hot-pointing?
    Hot-pointing is selecting certain points on the map which you can then quickly return to at the press of a button your keyboard.
  • How do I hot-point?
    Select the part of the map you wish to hot point. Now press CTRL + F1-4. You can potentially have 4 hot points (other fx keys are used for taunts remember).
  • Where should I hot-point?
    Pinch-points, tech buildings, secondary/tertiary bases, opponents bases, allies bases and any other points of conflict (as in constant not just once).
  • Why should I hot-point?
    It's quicker - this means your whole game will approve - you won't be messing about scrolling all across the map.. imagine being able to do a scan of all the important parts of the maps by just pressing 4 buttons in a row.. it saves a lot of times.
Good players make use of this feature - make sure you do.

Thursday, December 6 Posted by: Phoenix Commonly-seen WOL Tactics
I am here today to tell you about some of the most common tactics you will see on WOL when combating good players, how to execute them, how to counter them, etc.

-Grizzly Pararush
Best used when America, the combination of hordes of fast-moving grizzly tanks and the surprise of paradrops behind enemy lines is enough to do most average players in.
Execution: As America,
Deploy MCV->PP->Barracks(2-3 dogs scout)->Refinery->War Fac(1 miner, 5 tanks on smaller maps reversed)->AFC(if they have a lot of infantry defense, SEAL)->Ref(sell depending on location of ore)->Fac->Go on as needed....

It is really rather simple, build as many tanks as you can until your paradrop is ready, and while rushing their miners with your tanks, which SHOULD draw out their forces, paradrop into the back of their base. With the insanely upgraded GI
in Yuri's Revenge, you will have no problem performing this.
Counter:Easy....well, maybe not. All that is really needed to counter this strategy effectively is a lot of dogs. Dogs, you say? Yeah, about 3 from where the paras are landing, and UP TO 5-6 dogs to mingle with your own tanks when you go out to fight even though you should have about about 2 more tanks than he does because he has brought his tanks all the way across the map to your base.

-Apocalypse/Desolator/Kirov Push
Used as a last-ditch effort as sovs vs. allied, this expensive tactic works rather well against the allies, or yuri even in some instances. It works on the fact that the soviet tanks can take radiation and the only allied tank that can is the battle fortress, whose cheap armor will be instantly marauded by Apocalypse tanks and the men inside---melted.

Execution:I'm not going to go through the whole build order, but you will need power(nuclear or tesla; ones way cheaper but way more risky your call), about 5-7 harvesters, and an industrial plant. Then simply build: 5-10 desolators, 2 kirovs, and as many apocalypses as you can until you run out of money.
You deploy the desolators when you near their forces, then simply make a 'road' of desolation to their mirage tank forces(we're assuming here that you opponent is not stupid enough to build grizzlies against apocalypse), if they chase, the desolation will damage them heavily not to mention interfering with the cloaking technology making them easy pickings for your apocalypse. While this battle rages on, your kirovs should be headed around to the sides of their base. If your ground forces fail, you still can devastate them.
Counter- As allies: Use a bfortress with seal to pick off the desolator, then run it until the apocalyses can get you. Keep repeating, while building either 3 bfortresses with 4 ggis and a seal or 9 ggi ifvs to ward off the kirovs. If you are britain, just snipe em. As sovs: Drone em. (I have no idea why this would be used vs. sovs anyways) As yuri: Virus sniper + master mind. No prob.

Wednesday, December 5 Posted by: Saber07 Engy Walking
The Engy Walk, some call it cheap while others think of it as good strategy. A lot of players (even good ones) will fall to this tactic. It works best in the early game if your opponent did not scout your base well and you see a back door to his. This is easier to do if he does not have radar, because he will not see your little engy walking across the field. Some things to remember when doing this are:
  • As always, scout your opponents base well
  • Try to do this as early as possible
  • Don't rely on this to win you the game, keep building structures and tanks in the mean time
  • Find a path to your opponents base that you know he did not scout
  • Watch out for pills/gats/and sentries, or any other anti-infantry things
One annoying thing, though, is if you pull off a successful engy walk and the other player quits in under 3 minutes :(

Wednesday, December 5 Posted by: LPark02 Yuri: Post Patch
After the latest patch a few of Yuris key elements have been altered

Build 1 Slave miner from the buildings tab then build 2-3 Slave Miners form your Warfactory
The Slave Miner Can still be built form the Buildings tab while one is being built form the Warfactory but this is only best used when trying to reach ore at a Tech Building

-Chaos Drone
Costs 1000
Builds and Shoots slower, I have just about stopped using these they just don't seem to be worth its handicap

If you hear The warning the Navy SEAL makes early in the game quickly get ready to protect your slave miners and try to keep your infantry to a minimum it not worth he heavy losses one SEAL IFV can do to an army of Brutes.

Monday, December 3 Posted by: erikmcfar Seal Rush Rope-A-Dope
Now with the patch the seal now makes a noise when entering the battlefield from the barracks, at first you may think this is a bad thing but I am here to tell you it is a good thing. Do a build order as you would do a seal rush, in hearing the seal your opponent will over compensate and build too much defense and ruin their economy. At this point you have several options
  • You can send the seal/ifv as normal
  • You can send the ifv with a dog or GI
  • Or don't send anything at all

Saturday, December 1 Posted by: Saber07 Advantages of the Tank Destroyer
Today, I will go over why I think the Tank Destroyer is now one of the best units in the game.
  • In Yuris Revenge, the Tank Destroyer was not affected by the slower build times of tanks, allowing you to pump them out.
  • Unlike mirages, Tank Destroyers can fare pretty decent in radiation, so you want lose 10,000 credits worth of tanks due to a deso.
  • They are armor piercing beasts...enough said.
  • In the recent patch to YR, the chaos drone's armor was weakened and the Tank Destroyer kills chaos drones in one shot now (daddy like).
  • They are perfect for taking out miners, they can even take out deployed slave miners pretty well.
  • One of the Tank Destroyer's worst enemies is the terror drone, but stick a seal ifv or two in with your force and terror drones are eliminated (seal ifv kills terror drone in one shot).
Now there you go. But watch out for infantry and buildings, Tank Destroyers suck vs both, keep a seal ifv with you and your ok.

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