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» TOTD Archive April 2001

Monday, April 30 Posted by: erikmcfar How to deal with terror drones
If you're allies:
1) Harriers
2) Prism tanks
3) GIs
4) Mirages
5) Rocketeers.
6) Mobile Repair Vehicle in groups of 2-3..

If you're soviets, it's harder....

1) Terror drones yourself :P
2) Bzzzzt! troops (Tesla troopers) ..usually with a cloning vats you can produce more tesla troops than he can produce TDs...
3) Apocalypse in big groups..... but don't try this if he comes with 50 TD!
4) Conscripts in large groups....

Thanks to Archangel on this one!

Also if you get and "infected" unit within a large group of tanks the best way to eliminate the threat is to force fire on the infected unit. Yea you lose it but you will any way and this way you save your other units. Or you can send it on a suicide mission. Your call!

Sunday, April 29 Posted by: InfernoXtreme Devious Tactics Part 2
Well I know u loved yesterdays devious tactic, well here's another one:

Spies: Spys are very useful, in a stalemate, or if u want an easier time killing someone. There are two easy options is Infiltrating someone's base. 1) Infiltrate your allies base (BE WARNED you and you ally can have 1 big base). 2) Infiltrate a weak to mildly strong enemies' base (if they have dogs use some form of attack just to kill them I.E.: harriers black eagles, Rocketeer). Now you need to infiltrate a barracks, War Fac, (and like Devious Tactics part 1 B.Lab). And KABOOM you can build Vet Infantry (if u infiltrated the barracks). And/or Vet tanks (if u infiltrated the War Fac). And/or you can get the \"Secret" units (if you Infiltrated the B.Lab (S)go here for the Info of the Secret Units secret units page

Spy Part 2: Infiltrated The Enemy's Refinery, to steal half their money, Very Useful on maps w/ lots of money. Or if u need money, and you enemy's pumping out units like no other (meaning he's rich).

Next Time I Post the Tip Of The Day it will be:
Devious Tactics Part 3.

Saturday, April 28 Posted by: erikmcfar Crates
When you see a crate send multiple units towards the crate that way that several units get the powerups or promotions. For example at the beginning it helps to have four or five veteran tanks to his four or five green tanks. By the way green means base level units, no promotions.

Saturday, April 28 Posted by: InfernoXtreme Devious Tactics Part 1
Well I know everyone here likes to be Devious some of the time. Come on Admit it.

Here is Devious Tactics Part 1:
Chrono Commandos (*big rough voice* *Shake it baby yeeaa* *end big rough voice*): they Kick $#@, in a 2v2 game, if u and your ally are both the Allied fraction, have spy's all disguised in each others bases, put them next to War Fac, Baracks, and B.Lab. Then Infiltrate those above-mentioned buildings then ally again.
Then BAAM, u got Commandos (which build vet). So what u do is move them to the VERY back of someone's base, like in map Invasion Confirmed, where they start in corners. Most people don't use gaps in the very back, so they leave a little bit of open map. And they uses NO DEFENSE back their. On Sov players, its easy(because they have no Gaps), so u can go anywhere but I still like being in the back, attack with at least 2, to help each other out. When you're there, TRY to take out Tech, B.Lab War Fac, Baracks, and Radar. Especially construction Yard.

Next Time I post it will be:
Devious Tactics Part 2

Friday, April 27 Posted by: Rob "Crate Hopping"
When playing allied in a mid to long term game, build one chrono leg. You can use him to get all the crates on the map (helps if you also have spy sat). He only costs $1500, so after one money crate you will have paid for him and got an extra $500. After a while you will get loads of money, a lot of free units and one elite chrono leg with all the upgrades. thanks hallam

Thursday, April 26 Posted by: Rob Block A Gap
A good tactic against a Soviet player if you are playing on a map with important plug points is to deploy a desolator there and put 1 terror drone either side of him - this means that any Soviet units approaching that area will have to go through the radiation and face the terror drones; the only weakness is that the enemies terror drones can still destroy your desolator

Thursday, April 26 Posted by: InfernoXtreme Note
well its a 3x3 square i know u can fit 4 prisms in there, but what units where u talking about? this is the only way i know how to say something, so forgive me if did something wrong. and thanks ErikMcFar, i forgot to mention that its a 3x3 square.

Wednesday, April 25 Posted by: erikmcfar STOP THAT RUSH!!!!!
Stoping enemy rushes depends on good scouting. If you did no scouting then all of a sudden the enemy army will be in your lap and you'll be in trouble, however, if you scouted and know your opponents position you can see the rush coming and throw together some sort of defense. Here are some other ideas.
1. Harriers/Black Eagles opponent tanks
2. Duplicate the rush
3. Meet the rush away from your base so if you army fails you may be able to throw in a last ditch defense.
4. Make use of infantry in defense, opponents usually go for tanks first and infantry will eat away at them if they are ignored and once the get promoted they can be real problems.

Wednesday, April 25 Posted by: erikmcfar CORRECTION
First, I would like to congratulate InfernoXtreme for his first post at Tip of the day, but I have to correct something that he wrote. He states, "You can also Chrono our tanks anywhere on map, good for attacking enemy base u can chrono 4 units, if positioned correctly..." THIS IS NOT CORRECT! I am able to put up to 9 units in a chrono warp if done correctly.

Tuesday, April 24 Posted by: InfernoXtreme Chrono Tactics
Here are some Chrono Tactics

1. ChronoSphere: The ChronoSphere is a wonderful weapon. Its good for a Defensive weapon and offensive. I like using it on Enemy units For example: Your enemy is building tons of prism/Apoc(most ppl put units on a rally point) chrono them into the water INSTANT death, Enemy Harvys, when theres little money, OR if the persons stupid they have them mine close together, then chrono them into water. very effective
Use it on Enemy Infantry also, the force of the ChronoSphere kills them Instantly, good for expensive units. You can also Chrono our tanks anywhere on map, good for attacking enemy base u can chrono 4 units, if positioned correctly, to Maximise this build 4 Amphibious Transports, fill them with 3 prism each, and then u can get 12 prism over to enemy base.

2.Chrono Leg: the Chrono Leg is a wonderful unit, that can be used Offensively and defensively. its best when knocking out enemy Harvys, they can stop an apoc relatively easy. 1 Chrono Leg for each apoc (i dont like them in an IFV for attacking string units like apocs, because the Chrono IFV misses its first shot). Ever need to take out the enemys:Cy, barracks, War Fac, Radar, B.Lab? Use chrono legs, most of the time I'm Korea so its helpful to be them. Use Chrono Leg(s) to take out their power most people have at least 2 extra power plants, so take 3 just in case, have your air attack force in the air ready to kill the object, but not to close because of the AA, take out her power, once their beam hits the power they lose that power plant, until they kill that Chrono Leg so u get in easy and out easy with your air.
Thats all the Tactics I can remember right now.

Monday, April 23 Posted by: erikmcfar Chrono Units
One of the best advantages for the allies it the chronoshpere and chrono units (legionnaires and commandos*). The best way to use the chronosphere is to build a bunch of prism tanks and then chronoshift them to the enemy base. Especially near enemy superweapons, because the prism will get the first shots off and six of them can destroy any building within one or two shots. Another advantage of the chronoshpere is the ability to "transport" enemy divisions into the sea, especially soviet "invulnerable" units. The other allied chrono units legionnaire and commando are extremely useful. First the legionnaire is good at blunting enemy invasions just make sure you use them in groups of 5 or more and have units to protect them. Also put them in IFV's to further increase their effectiveness. For the chrono commando hes best use is for infantry and building destruction. Just be sure that you send him in short increments so that he isn't killed while re animating. Also keep him away from enemy defenses: coils, towers, pillboxes, and sentry towers or they'll make short work of him, but a well commanded Chrono commando can decimate an enemy base in moments.

*requires any spy into an allied battle lab

Sunday, April 22 Posted by: Rob Make your opponent panic
Not many people realise that building a Kirov immediately prompts most players into building 10 flak cannons/patriots, and flak troopers/rocketeers - so if you build 1 Kirov your opponent will go and spend far far more money building defenses - which he doesn't need in reality..just build up ground forces and use them to attack - while he's wasting his money on defences that he doesn't need..players panic - you have to exploit them..

Saturday, April 21 Posted by: Rob Rush or Counter Attack?
This is a hard question. I know that many players have read that rushing is the way to win. It`s depends on which games. If you`re playing a mid-long game, then your objective is to FORCE your enemy to attack you. This way while his tanks are going to attack you, you can easily destroy a lot of tanks with harriers/eagles. The main advantage of attacking is that his tanks are still driving and your tanks are already shooting at his tanks, especially when its Prism Tanks, they`re shooting at a long range. Forcing your enemy to attack is not that easy thought. But could be done: Build a Weather Device, attack enemy CY with harriers (very effective way). When the enemy can`t build more tanks and buildings he will attack and then just put your tanks right (in a square, while he`s tanks are a big long line) and you will win.

and thanks to Trop yet again

Saturday, April 21 Posted by: Rob Megawealth Tactics
The Megawealth could be easily won if starting right. Many players think that 1-2 tech buildings (tb) are not that important, it`s wrong. When you capture a tb you have to defend it. The main objective in this game is to destroy your opponent`s tb`s, if your enemy has less tb`s than you , then you will probably win. You can destroy his tb`s with harriers, Tanya`s (if there`s no defence), even you can make a rush to the tech`s.

Thanks to Trop again

Saturday, April 21 Posted by: Rob Anti Air Defence
This strategy is kind of cheating, but its cool:
If you`re playing Allies vs. Allies than you can put a chrono trooper near the building that your opponent is going to attack (Weather Storm, CY). when you see the enemy harriers/eagles are coming start attacking your building with your chrono, that way they CANNOT hit the building, after the rush is over stop the chrono trooper.

thanks to Trop for that one

Sunday, April 15 Posted by: erikmcfar Dolphins
Dolphins are best used in group of 7-10 and used in defending aircraft carriers and cruisers from the enemy and taking out the enemy naval yard. A mistake that a lot of people make is when they are attacking their enemy near their naval yard they don't go for the yard just the units--THIS IS A MISTAKE! Because if you destroy their yard first they cannot reinforce their fleet and you will have an easier time wiping out their navy. Dolphins are good against tanya attacks and squid attacks because the enemy is unable to see your dolphins and they end up wasting funds that could be spent elsewhere.

Friday, April 13 Posted by: Rob Early Economy Attack Tip
Here's a good tip for hurting an enemies economy early on; place a terror drone in a flak trak and simply drive the flak trak right up to the enemies miner - if its a war miner it will shoot at the flak trak - just unload the terror drone then it will jump onto the war miner; if the miner is a chronominer then the drone will stay in it until it chronos back to can try adding a few conscripts into the flak trak so if the player trys to shoot the drone when you unload the flak trak it will be very difficult for him.

Tuesday, April 10 Posted by: erikmcfar Never give up
Even if you only have a few structures left never give up. I don't know but I have won a lot of games by NOT surrendering and ended up winning even though I only had a few structures that don't even produce anything. This was just a quickly today try to have a longer one tomorrow!

Monday, April 9 Posted by: erikmcfar Rocketeers
Rocketeers are a very versatile unit. They are good against all types of units and structures except flak units, and missile units. The rocketeer is best used in groups of 10 or more because even when faced with a large group of ifv's the rocketeers can still come out on top. And when the become elite the kick butt. But be sure to keep them away from flack units because they are weak against flack and aegis cruisers.

Sunday, April 8 Posted by: Rob Black Eagle Kamikaze
A useful trick this one - to make your Black Eagle/Harrier hover over a building you just press ALT and LEFT CLICK - it will then hover over the building and the enemy air defenses (assuming they have them) will shoot the plane down and make it land on top of the building - this is really a very useful trick; planes do cause considerable damage when they land on top of buildings..try it out and see for yourself

Saturday, April 7 Posted by: Rob Paradrop
Just a quickie - when your paratroops are in the air (assuming you are the allies), select them all and press D - they will then deploy as soon as they hit the ground - and 6-8 deployed GI's are a force to be reckoned with; they will also have the fire-power to kill any dogs that are sent towards them

Thursday, April 5 Posted by: Rob Useful Scouting Tip with Harriers/BEs
Scouting with harriers?? - Yes! - They are fast and have a good range of sight - the problem that you most frequently experience with them is telling them where to go all the time isn't it? - because with most units you can use waypoints - but you CAN with harriers - this is how you do it; you click on waypoint mode and then set the waypoints on your RADAR screen - if you try doing it normally it wont work - this allows you to tell your harrier to scout all over the map extremely quickly - which is very useful indeed..

Wednesday, April 4 Posted by: erikmcfar Attack Dogs
Attack dogs are very important units in the early stages of the game, but often loose importance as the game goes on especially in soviet vs. soviet games. Attack dogs serve four purposes as I can see.

First, as the game begins they are very cheap and fast and make very good scouting units. Second, the need to be placed around critical structures to stop enemy spies when playing an allied opponent. Next, they are good cannon fodder when attacking a group of tanks, send the dogs in first and the tanks will most likely fire on the dogs and then send in your armor for the best effectiveness. And last to stop paradrops and engineer rushes. Attack dogs are most effective when in groups of 3-5 when attacking incoming paratroopers. You should not have more than 5-7 dogs inside your base, because any more is a waste of funds that could be spent on offense.

Wednesday, April 4 Posted by: Rob The Tesla Trooper
The Tesla Trooper is an extremely useful unit - it is very powerful against tanks and, another advantage it has against tanks is the fact that it cannot be run over. Tesla troopers are available as soon as you get a soviets barracks - they are far more powerful than any unit that the allies can build at such an early stage of the game.

Try to keep tesla troopers in groups - they are easy prey for dogs etc if on their own; in small groups they can be devastating - sporting the ability to decimate tanks and structures alike.

Tesla troopers are excellent units versus the terror drone - if your opponent builds a lot of terror drones then build a few tesla troopers - they will kill the drones with 1 tesla shot - which is very useful. Also, another tactic is to simply load them into a flak trak and to drive the flak trak into a group of terror drones - the tesla troopers will all pop out and cause hell.

Remember, the tesla trooper is a very powerful unit - and if you use it correctly then it will be very useful to you; keep them in small groups and they will be a threat to the enemy.

Monday, April 2 Posted by: erikmcfar How to use Naval Units
On of the best features in Red Alert 2 is the expanded navies of each side. Many people in both tournament games and regular games overlook this feature and rely on land units when the navy can play a big influence. Some of the best maps that have a good mix of land and water and most players can hold their own, but when they get into a situation where you are on an island and land units are not involved. Players often find themselves "up the creek without a paddle."
My job here today is to tell you the best way to establish "naval supremacy."

#1 Allied Navy
On a all mostly water map 2-3 destroyers will be sufficient to start out with. When on a mix of water and land don't worry about destroyers(unless opponent is soviet then 3-5 is good) wait until you have a battle lab and then build 5 dolphins to start and then more as necessary. 5 dolphins can easily take out an enemy naval yard and stay hidden from the enemy. Only thing is make sure they stay out of range of prism tanks and longer ranged units. Once you have established your navy 5-10 dolphins and or 2-5 destroyers its time to punish your enemy start by building 2-4 cruisers depending on your enemies ( anymore is overkill) and then build 2-4 aircraft carriers and position the fleet outside the enemy base and begin the destruction. You can also have your destroyers pound land based units from outside their range(i.e. tanks and dogs) to infiltrate engineers and tanyas.
*be sure to leave fleet outside the range of land based units.
**when playing allies vs. allies leave 2-5 dolphins or a destroyer to protect from tayna's.
***when playing allies vs. soviet leave dolphins around surface ships to protect from squids
#2 Soviet Navy

First begin with 2-4 subs for scouting then build a few more for a total of 4-6, then build 4-6 sea scorpions for air protection.
Subs are good against dolphins but not as good against destroyers unless in packs of 2-4 subs. Once you have about 6+ subs and a few sea scorpions make the initial attack on his navy. Add a few squids to harass surface ships, once you beat his navy or cripple it send in 3-6 dreadnoughts to finish his base off. By this time they should surrender or be eliminated by a land assault.
* subs are not good against dolphins(need hi sub to dolphin ratio)
** use subs and sea scorps to guard against tanyas
*** use squids to take out enemy destroyers

Hopefully this will improve your naval tactics

Sunday, April 1 Posted by: Rob The GI
The most basic allied unit yes, but not an unuseful one by any means - the GI, when used properly, can be simply devastating - especially when used in paradrops..

The key to using GI's properly is to build the right amount and to group them or back them up - if you send them walking around the map in pairs then they will be easy picking for dogs/terror drones etc - so the key to using GI's is to keep them grouped with either more GI's or other units - GI's are rarely seen attacking; unless they are used in a paradrop - this is because they are slow and take a long time to reach the opponents base - GI's aren't really useful for attacking - they are best used for defense. Stopping a Soviet tank rush as an allied player is no easy task as most of you will know - the unit which is vital in stopping the aforementioned is the GI - build 6 or 7 GI's, scatter them around a little and then deploy them (it is important that they aren't all in one big group as one tank could squash them all easily) - they are extremely difficult for tanks to kill - which is why most players will have the sense to run them over..hence you must scatter them about a little

GI's are dirt cheap at $200 - so remember that they are actually useful - and can save you on a lot of occasions..and when GI's reach elite status they are awesome - they have the ability to destroy buildings in seconds and kill infantry almost instantly - so the best way to get a GI elite is to kill tanks /destroy buildings - make sure that you use one particular GI to finish off a building/tank - then he will become elite far more quickly - if you fail to do this you will end up with 2/3 veteran units - 1 elite unit is far more useful...

My next tip will be on tesla troopers.

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