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  • I've lost my account details, help?!
    Forgotten details? You can find them by simply visiting the lost details page and using the relevant form.

  • What is the reputation system?
    Members may earn reputation points by contributing to the site in a number of ways. You may earn different badges and post ranks according to the numbers of points and posts you have (see the Forum FAQ for full details).

  • Where can I submit my file?
    We are not currently accepting file submissions. This will change in the future. In the meantime, you are invited to upload it to the relevant forum section as an attachment (please provide details of the file in your post).

  • Why don't you cover Red Alert, Tiberian Sun or Tiberian Dawn?
    Rob launched the site for RA2 and since then we've covered games from there. Covering pre-RA2 games would mean we put some useless information up, and since none of the staff play those games, it'd be stagnant and entirely pointless. We don't feel it would be a benefit to the site and we'd rather use our time to benefit the community with features like the Community & Clan listing.

  • How do I refer someone?
    In order to gain referrals (and reputation points), so people know you've helped members find this site, simply ask potential members to add your Member ID in the refferer ID box when they register. Or, to make it even easier, send them to - replacing x with your member ID (hover over the view profile link to see your member ID).

  • Can I work here?
    At the moment we're only looking for people who can really help the site: this means that you will be versed in HTML, have excellent writing skills and probably will have been a member of the community for some time. We no longer have time to take on staffers with few skills and train them up. If you are talented and really do want to help, send Rob a private message.

  • What do you all do for a living?
    The majority of the site's staff members are all in full-time education, be that in school, college or university.

  • What software and languages did you use whilst making this site?
    Jaasc Paintshop Pro 7 was used for graphics, notepad for HTML/PHP/MySQL and Animation Shop 3 for the animated button. HTML is the language used to code the appearance of pages. PHP is a far more complex scripting language, allowing us to make the site dynamic. MySQL is a database query language. To obtain a trial copy of Paintshop Pro you should look for Gaming Magazines with free utilities on their CDs.

  • Where did you get all your scripts and forum? Can I have them?
    Rob coded them all himself. Not unless you pay him an obscene amount out of money.

  • Can you make me a layout for my website?
    Unfortunately our staff members don't have time to make layouts, so the answer would be no.

  • Can you send me that font you used to do the CNCSERIES.COM title in?
    No: the font doesn't just come like that. It has received lots of modifcations and graphical effects in order to appear as it does.

  • Where did you get all the little graphic icons?
    Rob made them. Do not use them for your own purposes.

  • Do you make any money from this site?
    No, it is a non-profit website. Any advertising banners you see on the website are their upon the request of our host. If we had the choice, we wouldn't display any - but any you see are to help our host pay for the server that this website is hosted on.

  • Will you join my topsites list?
    In the past we were part of various topsite lists, but we came to the conclusion that the disadvantages of them out-weighed the advantages. Cheating is rife on topsite lists, and they are always unreliable. So the answer would be no.

  • I lost my serial number for my copy of Red Alert 2 / Renegade / Whatever - can I borrow yours?

  • Somebody cheated against me on WOL - what can I do?
    Nothing. Play on XWIS servers instead.

  • Can you send me some 'other' pictures of Kari Wuhrer?
    This isn't a porn site - so the answer is no. Comprende?

  • Are mods legal and can I turn them off if I want to play online?
    Yes, rest assured, they are 100% legal. Using them will not void any warranties. The better mods have mutliplayer debug modes (e.g. Deezire for Red Alert 2). For the less advanced ones, just delete the files you added into your games directory.

  • How do you make maps?
    To make maps for Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, you need to download the official map editor, Final Alert. You can get it off our utilities page. Making maps for Renegade is far more complicated, the software required is also very heavy - weighing in at around 30 mb. For more information go here.

  • Can my site be affiliates with CNCSeries?
    Providing you are a high quality site yes. We don't affiliate with any old site. We expect you to have good content as well as good news coverage. Originality is also a key factor. Visit the Affiliates Page for specifics.

  • Can I link to your site?
    Sure! Add this simple HTML code to your site somewhere and our button will appear:


  • How do you make such a brilliant site?
    Talent, pure unmeasurable talent. Only joking (or are we?). Important factors are hard work, dedication, promotion and good staff. If you want people to come back then you must have regularly updated news and content. A good looking layout which loads quite quickly and is easy to navigate is important, as is a forum. Never say never.

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