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The clan has been around, in one form or another, for quite a few years now. It was initially formed back in around 2001/2002 when CNCSeries.Com was known as Red 2 World. Many great players have played in the clan, and many still continue to represent it.

The following players represented the clan when it was known as R2W:

Crono113, Rfc2001, Hrdt0kil, Aolsuxs, S0ldier54, Ipiayvsu, Saber07, F1reburn, Rabairob, Chaotixs, Korea4evr, erikmcfar

We have fought many battles, and are generally seasoned players. The current clan does not have as many members, since many have sadly gone on to other things. Still, we have quite a respectable group of players, able to give anyone a good run for their money.

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