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This is [NZSC] Ranking System on this site:

This ranking system is base on skill, loyalty, respect and active players.

Info on star ranks:
  • * Cadet Leader: Experienced players willing to train 'Noobs'
  • ** Regional Leader: Squad leader in there area
  • *** Recuiting Officer: Has the honour to recuit new members

Star ranks: * : Cadet Leader, ** : Regional Leader, *** : Recuriting Officer, **** : Regional & Cadet Leader, ***** : Recuriting Officer & Cadet Leader, ****** : Regional & Cadet Leader & Recuriting Officer

Commander: Gen_Lodish ****** -(This ranking is for the 'Founder and Leader' of [NZSC])

Co-Commander: Lt_Myk ****** - (This ranking is for second in command)

Scorpion Elite: ? - (This ranking is for Pro players - Must be loyal, Skilled and actived) - (its an honour to be in this rank)

Scorpion Commando: QTTP ***** -(This ranking is for Gen_Lodish personal guard)

Scorpion Delta Force: ? -(This ranking is for QTTP loyal team players - They must be loyal and skillful players) - (Note: only 5 players can take this spot)

Scorpion Officer: ? -(This ranking is for good experienced and loyal players)

Scorpion Trooper: DISGORGE **** -(This ranking is for good experienced players)

Scorpion Soldier: ? -(This ranking is for 'Noobs' that have been promoted by there regional leader or cadet leader)

Scorpion Cadet: weasel, Sgt_Dubv -(This ranking is for 'Noobs')

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