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» Battle Reports » rafcmkire Iraq Vs. bollock5 Korea

Author:erikmcfar (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
rafcmkire +24 beat bollock5 -24

Map:Cold War
Game Length:17 minutes

After losing the previous match to a Korean player, I was doubtful able winning this one...

Started out on the right (as I have the past current times on Cold War), quickly captured three derricks at bottom, followed by the island derrick closest to me and secured them with several pillboxes. Went straight for tanks after building one miner from refinery, as so did my opponent, as I got a good scout on his base.

Quickly built up two more refins (sell) and a second war fac. He had a slight tank lead on me, and managed a good paradrop which killed one of my bottom derricks. Added a refinery to my lower base to take advantage of ore down there. It was shaping up to be a huge tank battle with him adding many mirages to his army. He didn't take advantage of the black eagle, as I held him off with six flak tracks and a flak cannon.

At this point I teched up and started to go naval, by building five subs initially after a bit of scouting I spotted his naval yard that had just poped up by the air port, quickly sent my subs there and dispatched the stray dolphin and his naval yard, more scouting found another naval yard, by this time I had 7-8 subs and quickly destroyed the few dolphins he had produced and the naval yard...the seas were mine, promptly build three sea scorps and three dreadnoughts.

Now came the pivital battle, he made a move for my base with his huge army. I quickly built several desolators and added them to my tank force, selecting part of my tanks and the three desolators, I moved to his tanks and once I was close in deployed the desolators. It was a enough to scare him off for the moment. I quickly regrouped my army and he made a second pass at me. This time the desolators suceeded in getting him to and made short work of his mirages, however, most of my army only had a couple dots of health left, he was frightend off.

About this time my dreadnoughts were beginning to assult what they could see from where I had scouted (he had blown the bridges with a tayna so I could readily scout his bottom left base (near the derrick). After a nearly succeeding paradrop that managed to get one of his gis elite while killing three of my badly damaged tanks, he promptly quit despite having several tanks around and ifvs in his base...oh well.

P.S. don't expect a rematch with this guy, if promptly matched with him again, he'll quit leaving your game frozen up if it gets to the "connecting to other players dialouge box."

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