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» Battle Reports » tuasperdu Iraq Vs. warp1g Iraq

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
tuasperdu +35 beat warp1g -35

Map:Alaskan Oil Spill
Game Length:19 minutes

Blackmark Blackmark Present
With Red Alert 3 coming out, I've decided to give the RA2 ladder one more go. Shortly after the August reset, I got on and quickly walked over someone on GSF. Then I got this game, on quite possibly one of the worst qm maps, especially between two soviet players.

I start out trying to grab some derrick islands, he sends out a transport to my island. Worried that engineers were within, I followed it with dogs, but it was only filled with tesla troopers and a terror drone. He would attack me two more times like this through the course of the game, though one time he attack with only one tank. The other time, he had multiple tanks, one of which became elite, and was barely killed by my last tank with little health after I lost my war factory.

Meanwhile, I attempted a quick dread, which unfortunately tried to follow his MCV when he moved it, moving in range of rhino tanks on the cliff. Soon it became, in the words of Jacko, a "merry, dodge the squids fun-fest." We both made attempts to capture derricks and build dreads, both many were lost to loose squids. We both also made kirovs and targeted opposing derricks. His expansion attempt to the southern ore island was also stopped by my kirov. Eventually, I overcame him in the water by taking out his squids and destroyed his yards and derricks with dreads.

Seeing he is lost, he disconnects rather than resign, thankfully, I stayed long enough to win.

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