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» Battle Reports » Gen.Castro GLA Vs. noparkingpls America

Author:Castro (View More)
Game:Zero Hour
Type:Custom Match
Gen.Castro beat noparkingpls

Map:Hostile Dawn
Game Length:72 minutes

3 vs 3 custom match
No rush 10 minutes
No Super weapon or Aurora

I choose the AirForce General and my partners choose GLA Toxic General and the other one choose Demolition General
The enemy choose Laser General, AirForce General and China Tank General

The match started with me quickly building king raptors the Tank general didn't bother to protect the two oil derricks so i focused on the Laser General who had fortified his flank so well.
I was continually harrassing the Laser general and i left my defense up to my partners in turn i will aid them in thier offensive or defend the from any advance from the enemy.
When i built my strategy center i used the intelligence upgrade and found out that laser general was too busy defending his flank and has spent his money on missile defenders that he left his front entrance completely defenseless(first time me seeing this!) When the 10 minutes were over i sent an air assault and attacked his strategy center due to my assualt the AFG(noparkingpls) sent his kingraptors to attack the middle base of the Toxic General(my allie)
Next he attack the Demolition General(allie) but since was largely unsuccessful becuase he had 6 quad cannons guarding his derricks seeing that the enemy is becoming more aggressive i kept attacking the Laser general i took out his power rendering his powerful laser turrets useless this gave the green light to start attacking but i didn't see their progress since i was too busy on my own business now i was poised to strike at laser generals Command Center he then quickly got up his power and this stopped the Toxic Generals attack but somehow Demo Gen had repelled the enemy from their oil derrick and started attacking and instead Toxic General focused on the China Tank General which they did major damage and pushed back china Tank General with thier success i took advantage of it and started attacking his buildings including power plants, his Command Center and any survivors of the attack by my allies.

By then they were accusing us of maphacking and making up excuses on how they are losing the battle the Tank General surrendered and now there were two left.
The laser general took advantage of us focusing on The tank general and made an impressionable defense but by this time it was too late. The player noparkingpls blamed his partners that they were both noobs and surrendered now having to control all of his allies units and buildings it was probably too much for him to manage and The Toxic General(Allie) had broken through laser Gen defense and he had built lots of cold fusion reactors and were easy for my kingraptors to take out requiring only two of them to be destroyed seeing that he couldn't win he simply said "I win You all lose" and he disconnected.

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