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» Battle Reports » Gen.Castro China Vs. Ferranci2 GLA

Author:Castro (View More)
Game:Zero Hour
Type:Custom Match
Gen.Castro beat Ferranci2

Map:Tournament B
Game Length:Unknown

Blackmark Blackmark Present
First of all we both agreed to not use Superweapons and no rush for 15 minutes.
The game started off well with me gaining the 3 supply depots on my side of the map and being denied the four oil wells on the side of the map. i simply went up the tech tree and got my hackers working ASAP(using 2 barracks), I made 2 factories and quickly made a defensive force and troop crawlers to detect any hidden units(jarmen kell) using the hack satellite 1 i found an unguarded point in his base i sneak black lotus into the base by then the no rush was over and he flank me but was unsuccessful in doing so due to china's powerful tanks aided by artillery. I soon found out that he is building not 1 but 4 scud storms i manage to capture one of them but lotus was killed he tried to wipe me out in one blow but i used the artillery strike to destroy his front defenses and i sent in one tank after another aiming for his command center first and then his superweapons i effectively use the helixes to sneak behind his base and cause a major diversion for his forces allowing me to take him out. He wans't that smart i got hit by 2 Scud storms but they were kind of weak because he was the toxic general and did not aim for my hackers.

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