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» Battle Reports » bigguyofcncs GDI Vs. lighto-kun GDI

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Tiberium Wars
bigguyofcncs beat lighto-kun

Map:Redzone Rampage
Game Length:Unknown

This was actually a 2v2 game, but for the most part it was essentially two separate battles, one between myself and lighto-kun, the other between my ally daten and c0caln.

My early game build order went power plant, barracks, refinery, war factory refinery. I initially took the EMP facility in the center without a fight, although it would soon come under attack. My opponent was much quicker to his second war factory and attacked it with a mix of predator tanks and infantry.

Having seen his heavy infantry forces, I readied an armory and snipers to assisst my tanks. The battle in the middle resulted in the destruction of most of our tanks there, but he attacked my main base with several fresh predators. I pushed him back with tanks and rocket soldiers, and finally got my second factory up.

I teched up and began adding mammoths and juggernauts to my force, as well as getting rail guns. A large battle ensued and I gained the upper hand with a well timed EMP blast knocking out several of his tanks. His sonic emitters only held me off temporarily until my juggernauts took them out. Afterwards he left, and I rolled through his base and that of his ally.

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