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» Battle Reports » bestie446 Libya Vs. coolie69 Iraq

Game:Yuris Revenge
Type:Quick Match
bestie446 +31 beat coolie69 -31

Map:Face Down
Game Length:21 minutes

Being a bit of a rookie at internet play since i only ever played multiplayer before with a mate, i tried to keep things simple...

Starting BR on a map i wasn't all familiar with i had a build order of PP>Barracks>Ref.>WarFac. Scouting went better for him than me, i sent two dogs over to his base (TL) as soon as my barracks were up, to be confronted with tesla troopers and Sentry Guns which made short work of the dog. With only a glimpse of his base i decided on straight tanks after building two miners. Then after a couple of minutes i spotted an engi wandering down the map, it quickly disappeared under the shroud and with a bit more scouting i found an oil derrick near my base. Quickly capturing it i decided it would build a 2nd ref. there which would prove vital during the course of the game.

Whilst this was going on we had both teched up and i was starting to churn out Apocs to supplement my Rhino force which numbered about 10. He had a much smaller force on his front line and i suspected he wasnt going to make a significant land attack anytime soon. With the help of some spy planes i spotted 3 dreds coming straight for my base. Sending round my 4 subs and 3 flak boats from my newly built naval yard i eventually took them out although not after destroying my nuclear reactor and heavily damaging my battle lab...Seriously annoying.
Despite this i soon built up a large navy (10 subs, 5 or 6 flak boats) and moved in from two directions to his naval yard. To my surprise i was met with virtually no resistance and quickly disposed of his yard.

Now i had control of the seas things started to swing in my favour. Whilst i was building up my tank forces again he struck my ore miners in the middle of the map, killing two and heavily damaging another before my Rhinos arrived to send him scuttling back to his base. Switching quickly to a counter attack i killed three of his four miners that were out in the gems crippling his economy. With full control of the map my economy soon hit around $15000 after i rebuilt my miners plus with two refineries in the centre of the map and it all seemed hunky dory - my tank force was a significantly larger than his and he was forced to mine the remaining ore in his base strangling his production. Then with the odds stacked against him he took advantage of my poor scouting and minimal base defence by taking a Kirov around the side of the map and destroyed virtually all my base before i could pull back my apocs and with combined help of flak troopers took the pesky kirov down. With only my war fac (just), my MCV and refineries left i produced as many tanks (mainly apocs) as possible. Eventually i had around 30 compared to about 20 odd of his.

Here i decided to an intense tank battle which at one point i thought i was going to lose because of another kirov pummeling my forces i finally broke through his main defence and with around 7 tanks - mainly apocs survived, i knocked out a few sentry guns before he quit with nothing left to defend with.

in conclusion he didnt take his opportunities which eventually led to his defeat, twice my base was hit heavily and by the end i literally had 4 buildings including the MCV. I learnt a lot, 1. Scout properly 2. defend ur base well 3. control of the map is everything.

Basics but for a rookie like me it was a key victory and ill be back for more very soon!

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