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» Battle Reports » RobCNCSeries Nod Vs. PaulCNCSeries GDI

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Tiberium Wars
RobCNCSeries beat PaulCNCSeries

Game Length:19 minutes

Members Only Video Replay AvailableAhhh, the rivalry resumes. Paul Vs Rob, one of the greatest fixtures in Command and Conquer legacy.

We started on the small Badlands map, I quickly built my barracks towards the main bridge and poured out a few militants to secure the little bunkers on both sides of the centre islands. I quickly sent a saboteur and captured the derrick in the centre.

Paul obviously hasn't played the map before as he made no attempt to go for it; I knew now that I had a big advantage.

I went for a basic build order - refinery, war factory (1 harvester then scorpions), refinery, refinery, war factory.

I placed a few units at either entrance to my base (the North and South ramps) and then started to build towards them so I could bottle them off with various defensive structures.

Nothing much happened for a while, we both sat back building up our forces. I built a lot of harvesters.

Paul then managed to destroy my oil derrick and bunkers on the centre island with an air attack; his orcas destroying the few rocketeers I had sent as backup.

Just before this I had plonked down my 'Temple of Nod' - so Paul now had pressure on him to attack me before the countdown timer ran out.

There were a few various scuffles by the tiberium fields, a few failed attacks by Paul and then I launched the nuke - destroying a decent portion of his base and most importantly a few juggernauts.

It was pretty much a matter of time at this point; I built up a load of stealth tanks and took out all his harvesters - with little income left Paul chose to call it quits.

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