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» Battle Reports » matsmiff Iraq Vs. odoylestl America

Author:matsmiff (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
matsmiff +36 beat odoylestl -36

Map:Urban Rush
Game Length:4 minutes

As soon as the game started I knew which map I was on and where I was, phew, it's always a relief as I don't yet know all of the maps.
I started on the left and immediately stretched down to the ore. I produced 3 dogs and set the waypoint to where I thought the airport to be, luckily I was spot on. He sent three dogs, 2 over the top bridge and 1 from the bottom. I managed to munch the two from the top but his third managed to scout out my base. In the meantime I managed to garrison a couple of buildings closet to my base, but quit producing conscripts because I wanted to rush. I didn't bother to capture the airport, so just left a couple of dogs to guard it. I sent one dog over the bottom bridge and scouted his entire base munching a gi before losing my dog to a newly placed pill.
He sent a rocky over the middle and began shooting my dogs and what buildings I had. I didn't react as I already had my warf down and didn't want to cancel the rhinos I had queing. Thats when he landed a para drop at the rear of my base, I went to counter it with a couple of dogs but miss clicked and they were owned. He landed right on top of my mcv, so I sold it hah! He moved the paras and re deployed and destroyed my barracks and and I knew I would lose my only power plant as well, so I sold that too. By this time I had mobilised the 4/5 rhinos I had produced and went to squished him before he could cause damage to the two buildings I had left.
Now it was my turn. I rushed the 5 rhinos I had through the middle and across the top bridge ignoring the light resistance from a rocky and the couple of buildings he had garrisoned. I hit his miners hard destroying both of them before he had a chance to react. He had 4 pill boxes + a couple of grizzlys+ gi's for defence. I attcked his base, avoiding the pills and when he reacted pulled back to draw out his forces. He complied very nicely and I owned the grizzlys without loss, before he could deploy his paras I drove straight through them and headed towards the other side of his base to attack his warf and get as far as I could from the paras he had left. I took out his warf then a pill that was in my way then mcv.
I then led his para's on a merry dance following me around as I attacked and moved. I had his Afc and he quit.

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