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» Battle Reports » hdhspygon Libya Vs. zepher Russia

Game:Red Alert 2
hdhspygon beat zepher

Map:Anytown, Amerika
Game Length:Unknown

This is the first fight me and zepher have had for a while but as HDH clan members we both know each other really well.But nothing would prepare us for the weird battle about to be witnessed by this small town.Zepher started top left and i was placed bottom right.Right from the start we set up our bases and i quickly send up some conscripts to do an early scouting mission while one group runs straight into a war minner the other after a bit of base scouting is cut down by a large conscript security force.knowing that zepher is a major tank general i put my infamous wall of tesla and yuris that still has only been got through by ground troops once up.After taking the nearby hospital i realise its abit quiet at zephers end so i try for a engy rush but that get cut down by the same effective security force.But the engs remove some shroud that covered a badly defended battle lab.On this new info i quickly built a demo truck and sneaked it right into zephers base destorying his battle lab along with a nearby tesla reactor.After me and zepher send some friendly cussing at each other while i try to run another demo truck in the other side but is mind controled by a shroud hidden yuri.

Then zephers plans swing into action as a large conscript army moved into the town garrisoning random buildings mostly the onces around my base.Followed by a huge tesla tank army that park inbetween the garrisoned buildings to the north then just behind them V3s set up and start raining missles on my based defences as im starting to struggle on getting ore because of half the city being under zephers control i have to set up some flak cannons to stop my defence being blown to pieces while sending small groups of yuris to cause the zephers tesla army problems but are normally killed after taking a few tesla tanks.While this is all happening i quickly make a small group of appocs and send them into the city but are soon bogged down by zephers garrisioned buildings and yuris that unknown to me have been spread around the town but even with this happing i managed to destory alot of the city and zephers captured hospital just in time to see the last of my appocs mind controlled by zephers yuris.

After a few minutes of this i see my chance i notice that zepher base has no real air defence.I suddenly stop everything while selling some unimportant buildings and build two kivok airships.Then as fast as a kivok will move send them up the left hand side of the map.Zepher knows there coming but not hundred percent sure where so he sends out aload of dogs to try and scout my base (better late than never i guess) while building a large group of flak troopers.Luckly for me he puts them on the right hand side of the base because that the largest still shroud covered area but by the time he realises there on the left there floating above his main base starting to drop there payload destorying his refinery,construction yard and war factory leaving him with very little by the time the flak troopers have manged to knock my kivoks out of the air.

Unknown to me while this is happening he mind controls a few civilain vehicles.He quickly drives them into my base with everything ignoring him he sees that due to lack of ore my base is down to vital buildings so he graps everything he can muster including the large tesla tank army and every conscript he could get down to my base.Right it all came down to this if my defense conld stop zepher i win.The battle only last a few minutes but it was a nasty one tesla bolts going everywhere as both sides being mind controlled for most of the battle but after the smoke clears my defense once again shows it dominance but the war is far from over.

Within seconds a school bus rolls past my defences to the south and pulls up next to my construction yard.Then suddenly out of it steps five shock troopers with no movable units left im sure im about to watch my base be turned to rubble,But remeber that just before the battle i started to make a back up plan if my defence did fall in the shape a group of terror drones luckly they arrive just in time to rip the shock troopers apart before my construction yard is destroyed.But in the middle of the battle zepher sent some of his army back to base so i sent the terrors after them but with still a few conscripts scattered about in buildings they get destoryed before they can do anything.By this time zepher has no money and can only build men while i have a fully operational base but have no money either but after a while i managed to build some more demo trucks sending them into the last of zephers army but they all get mind controlled but this is all part of my plan while zepher starts mind controlling some more civilain vehicles i run in my last demo truck into the remaining army filled with demo trucks.In one huge nuclear explosion the last of zephers army is wiped out and he surrenders

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