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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. micro Iraq

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
robofcncs +34 beat micro -34

Map:Depth Charge
Game Length:23 minutes

I was pleased with my performance in this game - my decisions seemed to pay off and I suffered only minor losses in the context of the game.

We both secured one half of the main island each - my dogs managing to eat his. My build order had gone (naval>ref>bar(island)>war(island)>ref) and seemed to be going well. He had obviously built his war factory somewhat earlier as he unloaded 3 tanks on the main island - and promptly attacked. I managed to hold them off with tesla troopers and a sentry gun or two.

I started building tanks from the war factory. One I had 5, I destroyed his derricks and tanks. He'd tried building a barracks but that was promtly blown up. While this had been going on, I'd built 6 or 7 subs which I sent around the top of the island around towards his base. I met two squids on the way, so he'd obviously teched. Noting this, I captured the derrick on the island by my base and placed a radar there (as well as another naval yard). I destroyed his naval yard, then began building squids once my own battle lab was up.

He managed to build a dreadnought before I destroyed his naval yard second time round (my tanks could reach it from the main island) - I snagged it with a squid so that threat was over. He also built a kirov at this point - que 4 flak tracks which saw off the threat.

At this point I managed to take the derrick by his base with an engineer - I also saw him load some tanks into a transport, but wasn't quite sure what he intended to do with them. This became clear when he went up to the top of the map. I sent a few squids after it but they missed it somehow. He unloaded 3 tanks onto my original base, managing to destroy my MCV before I killed them with the tesla troopers I had prepared. I had 3 naval yards up by now and 5 derricks, so it wasn't a great problem.

I continued to destroy naval yards he put up around his base, eventually surrounding the area with squids. I sent in two dreadnoughts and picked away at the edge of his base (the rest of it being covered by fog). I sent in my original transport (it was still knocking about) full of tesla trooper. I dropped them off in the middle of the base where they promtly destroyed his flak tracks and tanks before a desolator removed them.

My dreadnoughts now had their sights trained on all his important structures. After a brief bombardment, my opponent resigned. Good game, he held out well considering my initial success on the main island.

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