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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Cuba Vs. recording Iraq

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
recording beat robofcncs

Map:Urban Rush
Game Length:5 minutes

Members Only Video Replay AvailableWell, this game had a certain touch of deja vous about it. Having played Chris on Urban Rush in the site tournament, I knew what to expect. Equally, I'm sure he knew what to expect. The likelihood of us both going for the classic MCV sell rush after the second refinery was very high - and it happened.

I chose to send one conscript then dogs from my position on the right, whilst Chris went for straight dogs and then conscripts. I managed to garrison a few buildings at the top, with Chris doing likewise at the bottom. We both lost quite a few conscripts to each other's dogs at this point. Neither of us managed to scout each other - not that it mattered, we knew the score.

We both got our second refinery up and then sold our MCVs, moving the fodder to the middle with our tanks. I acted first, capturing the airport with my engineer. I also garrisoned one nearby building quite heavily.

At this point, it became all about tank control. After one initial battle which came out fairly even, Chris' extra experience in this field started to pay off - he managed to pick off one or two more tanks in little skirmishes here and there. Eventually, he captured the airport with his own engineer. I continually tried to destroy it and then retreat behind my garrisoned building, but a drop came before I could destroy it - allowing Chris extra fodder and the chance to fortify more buildings. However, this wasn't really necessary - he had a few tanks more than me and it was just a matter of time.

He went into my base from the lower bridge, where my brief resistance was duly crushed by his superior numbers.

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