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» Battle Reports » KriM America Vs. coswarz Iraq

Author:Krim (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
coswarz beat KriM

Map:Lake Blitsen
Game Length:Unknown

This was our second game, and previously he owned me on Montana DMZ. I got BR and decided to try something i never had before but I liked it. I stretch to bottem gems and started mining them whilst capturing the middle derrick. When my fac was ready i made a miner b4 my nighthawk cuz i forgot engis. So i got my engis and captured a airforce and 2 derricks. Shortly after capturing derricks he snuck his transport in and captured them, but my pill and nighthawk killed both derricks. I had some money and made a lab and mirage. His tanks had been harassing me and i was forced to make many pills. After a while i dropped a para in his base to kill his lab while making lots of dolphins from naval.
Things stayed the same till i killed another of his battle labs with a double para drop. Then he started making desos which would win him the game. His desos were too much and his tanks stormed my base, but not be4 2 aircraft carriers came out. I killed his navy a while back. I moved my base to the right with my tanks and his desos and tanks followed. My carriers were killing his base and flak cannon(s). His desos were owning my mirage and tanks so i went for a quick naval stretch but no... a navy costs 1000 and i had 700.. i sold my power plant thinking i didnt need to make navy and that when i lost. Very good game.

what i learnt: Think about what's going to happen.. IF i had selled more of my structures instead of letting him kill them i would have had enuf money for a navy stretch which could win me the game, since I knew i cudnt stop his desos/tanks. I guess i jsut get too tense when i have close games. again a Very good game

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