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» Battle Reports » fonger America Vs. WinWinWin Iraq

Author:Chris (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Custom Match
fonger +32 beat WinWinWin -32

Map:Country Swing
Game Length:15 minutes

Members Only Video Replay AvailableWell fonger, here's your fifteen minutes of fame.

The game started off with winwinwin in the bottom right position, fonger in the top left. Both players focus on economy a bit more by building 2 or 3 miners from the War Factory.

After getting a decent number of tanks winwinwin takes the battle to fongers base, meeting fonger's resistance. With a perfectly placed pillbox and lots of dog fodder fonger fends off winwinwin quite easily. He chases him back to his base but is eventually put off by the longer fire range of winwinwin's rhino tanks.

Fonger is constantly hassling winwinwin with rocketeers, paradrops, harriers and tanks, which is exactly what you must do to be succesful with allies. Winwinwin can deal with all of this quite well, putting up some flak cannons and using desolators to take out the waves of GI's.

Making the best of the allies, fonger techs up quickly and manages to get a spy into winwinwin's war factory. This means he can now produce veteran tanks (1 ^). Noticing he's now on the backfoot, winwinwin decides to make the best of what he has and charges fonger head on. While the biggest tank battle in the game takes place at fonger's side of the map, a tanya IFV is taking out quite a number of buildings at the largely unprotected soviet base.

The big battle continues, with winwinwin using his desolators to their full potential. The veteran grizzlies can withstand the radiation quite well and aren't too troubled with it. Winwinwin finds himself outnumbered and outgunned after some time and fonger convincingly emerges as the winner of the tank battle. The veteran tanks, with great tank control on fonger's account were too much for the rhinos to handle.

With the majority of his tanks at veteran and even elite status fonger finishes off winwinwin and takes the game.

This was the first game I've recorded from an observer's perspective. I think the video shows the key points of the game quite well. If more skilled players would like their games recorded, drop me a line.

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