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Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
recording beat robofcncs

Map:Isle of War
Game Length:17 minutes

Members Only Video Replay AvailableI decided to have a quick friendly with Chris on Isle of War. Given that he was going to record the game, we thought we'd play on a fairly small map which would help keep the game short and the filesize down. We were wrong.

I started on the right, triumphing in the dog stakes and managing to scout out all of Chris' initial starting position, as well as blocking him from seeing my base. Unfortunately, he got a drone into my base before I could get a sentry gun on top of the cliff (you can place it by the bridge repair hut if you stretch well). He managed to snag one miner, rather luckily to say the least.

I had also built a drone, so quickly targeted it on a miner Chris had just built out of his factory and left it - hoping it would work. I was too busy trying to kill Chris' damn drone - which managed to kill off one miner (despite telling my other miner to shoot it) and then jumped into another one - forcing me to go for a depot and cancel a refinery.

This early setback allowed Chris to get a few tanks more than me in the early stages, but I did have the advantage of having the lower half of the map unscouted by him. We both expanded to the top and bottom, with Chris getting his radar and battle lab up a bit quicker than me. Noting this, I built 3 subs from my naval yard thinking that he would go straight for a dread - I sent them towards the top of the map.

Meanwhile, Chris popped out a Kirov. I quickly built 3 or 4 flak traks and managed to pust it back. I was doing alright at this stage, having held off his first attack across the bridge (where he lost 3 tanks when part of the bridge was destroyed).

I managed to pick off a miner or two that was wondering through the underpass, while Chris hassled my miners from the cliffs in the top right. I had moved my MCV to the left hand side of the bottom area, so I knew he couldn't see anything around there.

Things started kicking off at this point. Chris used his dreadnought to good effect, taking out a few buildings in my starting point - including my only war factory. I had to rebuilt in the area where my MCV was.

At this point, I went for a cheeky little tactic - stretching a barracks down the cliff and onto his side of the map. I built two engineers and sent them to the far left of the map, hoping he hadn't scouted the area - as it turns out (from the video), they were only just in view - so he sent a few dogs and killed them off easily.

By now, another Kirov was causing me big problems and uncovering the shroud in my base. I had managed to destroy Chris' naval yard, but he had done likewise - without a lab I couldn't get a quick squid to stop his dread. It pretty much ripped apart most of my base (and damaged my tanks a few times), while Chris then sent his tank force across the bridge.

After a brief resistance, Chris' tank masse came out of the battle with relative ease. My subs managed to kill his dreadnought, but it was too little too late.

A good enjoyable game, but I was on the backfoot for sixteen and a half minutes of it.

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