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» Battle Reports » if10aty0u Cuba Vs. eurotule Korea

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
if10aty0u +24 beat eurotule -24

Map:South Pacific
Game Length:6 minutes

I know some people have requested a Korea vs Sov report on this map. This isn't a video report, but it will have to do.

My opponent is a decent player, not of the finest quality, but enough to make you work for your points. Keep in mind that more talented players will do more to put you off balance, like rockie splits and everything.

I start in the bottom right corner, a position I like because it grants an easy stretch to the middle by placing your war factory below the plateau on which you start. Knowing that korea will have a huge mid game advantage, I go the customary straight tanks from the war factory, and opt for a quick second war factory as well to put heaps of pressure on early.

I plan to strike quick with a large tank force combined with a para right outside his war factory. However, quite a few pillboxes mean that this wouldn't be effective, so I'm forced to be more creative. I send two or three tanks to take out his miner at the lower left gem patch, while still threatening with my main tank force. This works well, as his miner quickly dies and I send the three tanks to threaten his airport.

Noticing that he sent an outrageous number of his tanks to deal with this minor threat, I renew my attack in his main war factory with the majority of his tanks and a fresh paradop. He cannot survive this with his reduced tank force, and his war factories quickly fall to my tanks. The tanks he sent off to deal with my split return, but in vain, as by now I have a huge advantage in numbers.

This guy made the mistake of not using allies to their full advantage, as it's often beneficial to get rockies quite quickly and attack the opponent's expansion refinery. He also didn't make full use of paradrops, meaning that his tanks were for the most part exposed.

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