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» Battle Reports » if10aty0u Cuba Vs. no0bish Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
if10aty0u +29 beat no0bish -29

Map:DC Uprising
Game Length:3 minutes

This was one of my first games of the month, so I immediately assumed my opponent wasn't very good. I didn't see all that much to convince me otherwise, but this guy now has the decent stats of 30-3>700pts.

I started on the island position of DC Uprising, a position that I don't really mind, whereas my opponent started in the top right, giving him access to an easy stretch to the gems from the outpost and the tech airport. Surprisingly, he didn't go for the airport at all, probably over-estimating the impact of spending $500 on an engineer.

I opt for 2 miners from the war factory, and combined with capturing the tech hospital and placing a ref there as well, my early economy is assured until I need to expand to the middle. The island position has the luxury of being able to sit back and tech while exploiting the huge amount of ore there, but I instead choose to be aggressive early.

The disadvantage of starting at the top is that your miners often tend to wander quite a distance away from your war factory, which means they are vulnerable to quick tank attacks, and that your money usually only comes in bursts.

With this in mind, I take my first few tanks and a few dogs to see how many miners I can pick off. The answer to this is: a lot. Either this guy was totally clueless, sleeping, or just assumed I'd be rubbish because it was his second or third game of the month. Realising that I was moving my tanks around picking off his miners before he could even react, he quit, perhaps to save himself further embarrassment.

All in all, a very easy game, not what one would expect from someone who now has a pretty decent record.

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