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» Battle Reports » if10aty0u Cuba Vs. tututule Korea

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
if10aty0u +27 beat tututule -27

Game Length:8 minutes

I haven't really put any effort into my games for quite awhile now, so I'm now playing as Cuba to make it obvious to everyone that I honestly couldn't care less about winning or losing.

The game starts on Heartland, and I'm up against a fairly decent korean player. Tututule is probably a 700-800 player, but can sometimes ruin you on maps with favour allies or are just totally imbalanced. I start at the bottom of the map, whereas my opponent finds himself located at the top.

I decide to make an initial drone before making 2 miners from the factory, to set up a powerful mid game advantage. This drone manages to kill, not 1, but 3 of his tanks, provoking many calls of "omgosh wtf m8". This gives me the advantage I need to set up a powerful economy, and move my mcv to give me access to 4 ore patches at once.

Knowing that I can't really lose now, I take the outpost next to his base and start making mass terrorists from a barracks next to it and rallying them into his base. They all get massacred before they get anywhere near doing any damage whatsoever, but it's the thought that counts. As soon as I got bored of that, I just moved my tanks in for the kill.

Easy enough game.

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