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» Battle Reports » ReCoRDiNG America Vs. K2TheArmA Iraq

Author:Chris (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Custom Match
ReCoRDiNG +49 beat K2TheArmA -49

Map:Country Swing
Game Length:4 minutes

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First game of the day, kind of slow and a slight mess-up, but good tank control on my account and a good idea of an allied rush on CS.

I was positioned in the top left, my opponent in the bottom right. I was going for a rush so I built towards my opponent rather than away from him. I went for 3 dogs while I may have been better off with just 2. Also, I placed my refinery not as close to the ore field as possible. These small mistakes resulted in my money counter hitting zero later on, but it didn't prove to be much of a problem. I went for a quick AFC and a rocketeer, shooting his power plant. That forces a Soviet player to either build a flak track or a flak cannon. Like most soviet players, this one went for the first option. As soon as it popped out, I flew my rocketeer away.

I placed two war factories in rapid succesion, making my tanks produce 20% faster. It would have been best to keep it at 1, though. Because of these slight mistakes earlier, and not watching my miner properly I had no money. This proved to be troublesome as the Soviet player rushed in on me as well, with several more dogs and an even amount of tanks. I quicly sold my second war factory and used the GIs as fodder.

Luckily my opponent didn't quite realize the potential power of a pack of rhinos and found himself outmatched against my arguably better tank control. I had 6 or 7 grizzlies with some dogs and GIs vs his 5 rhinos, flak track and dogs. I managed to win with 3 grizzlies left. Meanwhile a paradrop strategically placed by his war factory ripped apart several of his buildings.

In a last attempt to overthrow me he attacked with some more rhinos but was now outnumbered. I finished him off quite easily.


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