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» Battle Reports » tuasperdu Iraq Vs. kreator71 Great Britain

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
tuasperdu beat kreator71

Map:South Pacific
Game Length:7 minutes

It really seems like we're getting very few battle reports lately, so I've started playing again after a brief period of dormancy.

I started in the top right corner, although it took me a couple seconds to identify the map. I scouted his base, and we were both temporarily hindered from capturing the more distant of our derricks, as I sent the dog to the wrong place allowing him to station a dog near my derrick, but my dog ate his at the top left derrick. I however had gone for a terror drone and straight tanks, allowing me to quickly secure my derrick, whilst he sent an engi IFV to capture his.

Soon however, I found myself with many more tanks than him, as well as a pair of flak tracks to assist against his rocketeers. Rather than risking a direct confrontation in his base, where he had numerous pillboxes, I moved my forces to take the top left derrick which had nothing guarding it aside from two IFVs.

Having placed an engineer inside one of my flaks, I quickly captured the derrick, while continuing to outtank him, placing my second and later third war factories by the derrick. With more assistance from a paradrop, I destroyed his airport expansion, while bringing reinforcements from my main base to launch a final assault.

By now I had clearly more tanks and was able to destroy his base with little difficulty.

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